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The Stone Angel, An Essay About Anger And Disappointment

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Anger and disappointment can be a source of many things. Hagar's anger and disappointment can be seen from her guilt and her criminal ways. Through Hagar's guilt she feels anger for what she did and disappointment for what could have been.In the first paragraph of the book when she is telling about the stone angel on her mother's grave she states, 'I wonder if she stands there yet, in memory of her who relinquished her feeble ghost as I gained my stubborn one...'. (p. 3) Hagar's stubborn personality is the stem of most of her anger and crimes. One of Hagar's first crimes was when her brother, Daniel, was dying. Hagar was unable to grant him the comfort Matt gave. Hagar would not put her ...view middle of the document...

Through this, Hagar denied Marvin the love that he sought as a child, impatiently dismissing his slowness of speech and lack of natural charm. After this, Hagar sought to rule the life of her son, John, trying to fashion him in the image that was desirable to her, and in the end interfered in the love between Arlene and John, ending with disastrous consequences.Hagar, now old, treats her daughter-in-law, Doris, poorly for all that she does for her. Doris cooks Hagar's meals and takes care of her. Hagar decides to run away to Shadow Point with her pension check. When Marvin and Doris get her a couple days later, Hagar has to go to the hospital because of a serious illness. When in the hospital Hagar felt like 'an exhibition in a museum' because she was in a public ward. Hagar is trapped in her bed because she is not allowed to get out of bed for anything even to go to the bathroom. Eventually Hagar gets moved to a semi-private room. In her last couple of days Hagar realizes that Marvin is really her son. One day Doris got her minister, Mr.Troy, to call on Hagar. Hagar asked him to sing the hymn 'All people that on earth do dwell,' Hagar was deeply affected by the last line, 'Come ye before him and rejoice.' After hearing this Hagar thinks'I would have wished it. This knowing comes upon me...

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