The Stone Angel, An Essay About Anger And Disappointment

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Anger and disappointment can be a source of many things. Hagar's anger and disappointment can be seen from her guilt and her criminal ways. Through Hagar's guilt she feels anger for what she did and disappointment for what could have been.In the first paragraph of the book when she is telling about the stone angel on her mother's grave she states, 'I wonder if she stands there yet, in memory of her who relinquished her feeble ghost as I gained my stubborn one...'. (p. 3) Hagar's stubborn personality is the stem of most of her anger and crimes. One of Hagar's first crimes was when her brother, Daniel, was dying. Hagar was unable to grant him the comfort Matt gave. Hagar would not put ...view middle of the document...

Through this, Hagar denied Marvin the love that he sought as a child, impatiently dismissing his slowness of speech and lack of natural charm. After this, Hagar sought to rule the life of her son, John, trying to fashion him in the image that was desirable to her, and in the end interfered in the love between Arlene and John, ending with disastrous consequences.Hagar, now old, treats her daughter-in-law, Doris, poorly for all that she does for her. Doris cooks Hagar's meals and takes care of her. Hagar decides to run away to Shadow Point with her pension check. When Marvin and Doris get her a couple days later, Hagar has to go to the hospital because of a serious illness. When in the hospital Hagar felt like 'an exhibition in a museum' because she was in a public ward. Hagar is trapped in her bed because she is not allowed to get out of bed for anything even to go to the bathroom. Eventually Hagar gets moved to a semi-private room. In her last couple of days Hagar realizes that Marvin is really her son. One day Doris got her minister, Mr.Troy, to call on Hagar. Hagar asked him to sing the hymn 'All people that on earth do dwell,' Hagar was deeply affected by the last line, 'Come ye before him and rejoice.' After hearing this Hagar thinks'I would have wished it. This knowing comes upon...


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532 words - 3 pages Timaka L Brown TLB2665 “Written to Stone” : Good Job President Fenves I think that the decision to remove the statues shouldn’t have taken this long. For years, students of color, and in particular, Black students at the university have voiced their opinions on the matter. They have let the administration know that the presence of these statues is completely unacceptable, especially in a political climate of racism and prejudice. I respect

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5749 words - 23 pages accounting equation are assets, liabilities, and owner's equity. 12. An account receivable is a claim against a customer for goods or services sold. An account payable is an amount owed to a creditor for goods or services purchased. Therefore, an account receivable in the records of the seller is an account payable in the records of the purchaser. 13. The business incurred a net loss of $15,000. 14. The business realized net income of $10,000. 15

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540 words - 3 pages : Teacher at Hogwarts. Voldemort shares his body Dursleys: Harrys only relatives but they are muggles, that means they cannot do any magic Summery: The story is about Harry Potter who thinks he is a ordinary boy until his 11th birthday and a magical stone (Philosopher's Stone).He is rescued by a giant of man (hagid).Hagrid tells him the true story how his parents had died.They weren't killed in a car accident as his aunt and uncle have always

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2150 words - 9 pages family has little money, but still manage to send Ron to Hogwarts and give Harry Christmas presents. Ron is an expert at Wizard's Chess and initially abhors Hermione. As the three uncover the truth behind the Philosopher's Stone, Ron is the key in getting past the chess chamber, sacrificing his own power for Harry.Hermione Granger: Hermione Granger is a proud, intelligent, bookish girl who follows every rule to the tee. Although she initially

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707 words - 3 pages In the British version of--what us American's call-- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling there are many qualities of the book that are good. To name just a few there is her wonderful plot design, and the fact that Rowling makes great use of forming rounded characters. With Rowling, she knew where she wanted to go with the novel and followed through in a way that was ever pleasing and attention grabbing to the plot. It starts

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1175 words - 5 pages Essay In John Steinbeck’s, Of Mice and Men, disappointment and isolation is reoccurring theme in the novella, containing a broad range of characters that predominantly suffer from the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Through these characters they display the vitalness of forming friendships and tight bonds to escape the loneliness that plagued men and women who were subjected to epidemic poverty and severe unemployment rates. Disappointment

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725 words - 3 pages Sanchez 1 Sanchez 2 Sanchez 3 Alexis Sanchez Professor Partlow-Myrick ENGL 212-101 30 September 2018 Response Essay Rough Draft In “The Angle at the Grave” by Edith Wharton is about a death of a beloved writer named Orestes Anson who leaves his estate to his only intelligent granddaughter named Paulina; who is a major push over. She lets other people plan her life for her. Edith Wharton’s use of characterization and symbolism show how women were

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1104 words - 5 pages made out of one singular type of stone, a giant basalt boulder (Mitchell, 2003). The largest these heads was discovered in La Cabata “it stands about ten feet tall and weighs an estimated forty tons” (Minister, 2018). The Olmec Colossal Stone Heads show the people throughout history that they were incredibly artistic, determined, and highly skilled in crafting tools and other materials out of stone. These stone heads have only been found in four

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379 words - 2 pages . Peridot was thought to bring the wearer to success, peace, and good luck. Cleopatra loved peridot and wore it all the time. Some other powers of peridot are protection, health, and sleep. It is also used to attract love and calm anger while also soothing nerves, and dispelling negative emotion. There are many interesting facts about peridot, and it is great in many ways.

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764 words - 4 pages makes anger one of the most complex and intriguing emotions to study. There are two important philosopher, Aristotle and Seneca, that both have an opinion on how we should deal with anger and why it is important to be conscious of it. In the chapters given in class to read, it is expressed that Aristotle believes that since anger is a primary emotion it can be dealt with in moderation. He states that it is okay to be angry but the actions that

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515 words - 3 pages Hi everyone, I’m Jenny. Today I am going to talk about Chinese New Year. As everyone knows, Christmas in the most important festival in America, UK and so on. However, Chinese people never celebrate Christmas, because we have our own festival—Chinese New Year. Chinese new year starts with the first new moon to the first full moon in a year. The traditional Chinese calendar is based on the combination of the lunar. The lunar cycle is about 29.5

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1698 words - 7 pages means of some language not vernacular amongst them”, essentially scorning the Indian people and their inferior language, triumphing the English language and the British ways of living (Macaulay). Moreover, according to Professor Jack Williams, “race has always been very much an ideology of power” citing that “cricket was taken to encapsulate the essence of England and had a key role in how the English… imagined their national identity, but this

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1770 words - 8 pages shall have a great advantage over you, Mr. Gerry, when we are all hung for what we are now doing. From the size and weight of my body I shall die in a few minutes, but from the lightness of your body, you will dance in the air an hour or two before you are dead.”. The Founding Brothers risked everything, their prosperity and quite possibly their life, for the establishment of a new nation apart from Europe. Tomas Paine, the author of Common Sense

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631 words - 3 pages What is freedom? Is it an absolute right? We are born to become free. Freedom is defined from different aspects ,and according to different cultures,freedom varies from culture to another.Some define freedom as a natural right,the human being is born with.Everyone wants to be free and independent from others.Freedom is the right to do what one wants,live where he wants,eat what he wants,learns what he wants,and chooses the religion in which he

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1121 words - 5 pages . Gemini 8 (17 March 1966): after the spacecraft had performed the first space docking with an Agena rocket stage, thrusters started firing, putting the docked assembly into an uncontrolled spin. The two-man Gemini crew separated their spacecraft and had to use some of the propellant reserved for the return to Earth to stabilize their spacecraft. The mission was curtailed two days earlier than planned. On January 27, 1967, there was a fire aboard