The Story Of A Man Named Shirl The Life And Times Of Graeme "Shirley" Strachan (From Skyhooks)

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Million Dollar RiffThe story of a man named ShirleyGraeme Strachan was born in East Malvern on January 2, 1952. He went to Mt Waverley High, and decided to become a carpenter when the only subject he passed in form 4 was woodwork. He had scraped through the first two years of high school pretty smoothly, with the exception of non-favoured subjects such as French. "I used to cause teachers a lot of trouble sometimes, either through my arrogance, my mouth . . . but a lot of the teachers who gave you a hard time look back now and say, oh, he's alright, but at the time they hated your guts. Still, I reckon they were good teachers," he admits.By fourth form, Graeme was finding it hard ...view middle of the document...

He took jobs on fishing boats, and worked with shark fishers - anything to make some dough. But after a while down there, winter came along, and Shirl was broke, so he headed back up to Melbourne to work through the winter with his dad.Later that day, Shirley Strachan was a fully-fledged member of a new, promising and modestly ambitious Melbourne band by the name of Skyhooks.After Shirl had left Frame, and gone down to Phillip Island, the other members of the band went on the lookout for another singer. They found a replacement, and then consulted Greg Macainsh, a songwriter who had a little black notebook full of possible band names. He came up with the name Skyhooks.But their replacement singer didn't hang around for long, so when Greg heard the news that Shirley was coming back from Phillip Island, he decided to approach him about doing some more singing, and so the "new" Skyhooks was formed.Shirley really took on his role as singer - he performed excellently, using the stage and the audience. When Mushroom Records saw the group perform they were immediately interested. They tried to convince Graeme to drop the name "Shirley", but he refused. Shirl took on the role as the band's manager as well.In August, 1975, after an ARIA record of 16 weeks at no.1 nationally with their first album, Living in the Seventies, and the second album well-established at the top, presumably for a long stay, Skyhooks finally took a break. Their single at the time was All My Friends Are Getting Married, and that's exactly what Shirl did. During the band's break, he flew over to England to catch up with Sandy, and they ended up getting hitched.The headlines shocked the nation, and broke many young girls' hearts. But contrary...


A Historical Analysis On The Study Of Optics From Pre-Socratic Times Through The Age Of Newton. By Adam R

4219 words - 17 pages from classical times that give us an idea as to how much people knew in ancient times about optics. Euclid's "Optics", which is lesser known than his "Elements", describes the field of optics as they knew it in Alexandria during the late fourth and early third centuries B.C.E. Euclid is believed to have advanced a mathematical perspective based on the "straight-line propagation of light" also known as "rectilinear propagation". Another text is Hero

A story about a man named Steven goes on a trip and has a great adventure. - English - free wright

863 words - 4 pages around and saw a huge hungry black bear. All he knew was he had to be still or else the bear would attack. Steve tried slowly walking away as the bear saw him and ran straight at him, he ran for his life. As he was running from the bear he stayed on the trail hoping to find a road. As the bear was just about to reach him he found a road and saw a car speeding past he waved to it and it just went faster. As he was watching the only thing they could save him pass him the black bear came out of nowhere and ran right in front of the speeding car and was killed.

Write about one of the worst times of your life. - Nwacc - Essay

1060 words - 5 pages Ethan Hoffman Dr. Burns Comp 1 MW 10:30 5th Sept. 2018 Creative Title Have you ever felt just so accomplished with yourself, to the point to where you can’t stop smiling? I found something that can make me feel like that every single time. Despite my mood or what day it is. I love cheesecake but I think I like this quite a bit better. Totaling my first car & getting my taught me that it’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I was 4

a story of the most impacting event in my life - ela - autobiography

414 words - 2 pages outside often. When I was three, my mom started noticing something strange about my health. During the day while I was playing, I had a hard time catching my breath. I often woke up many times during the night from shortness of breath and frequent harsh coughing. She took me to urgent care to see our primary doctor. He said I had a common cold and prescribed me medication for that. After a few weeks, I only got worse, my mom did her own research

Paper On Man Of The People

937 words - 4 pages Being set in the 60s, Chinua Achebe's book A Man of The People, introduces the reader to the social and political upheaval that was prevalent in the newly liberated African countries. Achebe skillfully weaves underlying themes like nationalism, empirism, corruption and the effects of western influence into the story. The quality of Achebe's writing is also seen in the way he presents one or a combination of these themes in his characters. Chinua

Nietzsce and The Internalization of Man

565 words - 3 pages peace.Nietzsche dismissing punishment as the origin of bad conscience is based on the ideals of a society transitioning from a simplistic, nomadic and barbaric way of life, to a more serene one, with beliefs of settlements and communities. Herein lies the problem Nietzsche discovers, the basic instincts of man, surrounded by the walls of a new society, rendering all the unconscious thoughts that served as a need for survival, useless. This new society

The Confucian Ideas as a Baseline of Chinese, From Kong I-chi to The Man Awaken from Dreams. - Syracuse university, HST 321 - essay

1257 words - 6 pages a better person through these rules. The Man Awakened from Dreams provides a real-life story from Liu dapeng’s point of view. Some new scholars may think Confucian ideas as old and depress ideas for Chinese people. However, people from 1919 to 1949 still had a strong belief in Confucian ideas and even influenced by Confucian ideas. They would teach a child how to write (Lu Xun, 1918), they would respect their father’s spirit as they still alive

Write about the emotion of the old man in the story "Flight" by Dorris Lessing

549 words - 3 pages The old man, is not given a name nor a proper physical description by the writer perhaps to rouse the reader's emotions by letting him think of the grandfather as a universal figure. This may be an important factor in the short story as older generations can relate to the feelings of the grandfather and younger generations to the feelings of the granddaughter.Though he is old, the grandfather is very active in that he keeps birds and trains

The Use Of Symbols In "A Streetcar Named Desire" By Tennessee Williams

1368 words - 6 pages in his play, A Streetcar Named Desire, to augment the impact the story has on the audience and to enhance the outcome of the play. A few key symbols used by Williams were light, the Varsouviana polka tune and poker nights. Without symbols A Streetcar Named Desire would not be very visually stimulating and the plot would not be nearly as interesting. Symbols can often make or break the successful of a storyline.Works citedAdler, Thomas Peter

Who is a better wife? Stella From a Street Car Named Desire or Beatrice From the bridge - 2020 - essay

782 words - 4 pages in order to continue her relationship with Stanley. She is willing to give up her last family member to be with a man she loves. This illustrates the love that Stella has for Stanley. It also shows that she fully gives up the life of aristocracy. Throughout Tennessee Williams' ​A Streetcar Named Desire​, Stella illustrates the qualities that make her a better wife. By being accepting towards Stanley and sharing the same passion as him, it

Comparison Of "The Hearing Trumpet"-Leonora Carrington And "If This Is A Man"- Primo Levi

1542 words - 7 pages one could almost say that Marian turns into a bit of a detective trying to get to the bottom of a weird and wonderful murder story yet in this case there is not murder – yet and she is trying to get to the bottom of more light-hearted things like who the winking Nun is. When she then finally gets her hands on some of the “stories” / “notes” on the Abbess she seems completely immersed in the Abbess’s life until she

A Study Of The Famous Bob Dylan Song "Mr.Tamborine Man"

780 words - 4 pages . Tambourine Man, who can be seen as anything from a drug-dealer to a religious man to Bob Dylan himself. Another reason that the song has such a hallucinogenic feeling is the structure of the song. The verses are made up of what appears to be many individual concepts put together, like a dream, giving a surreal effect. The reference to Ozymandius and crumbling empires furthers the dream-like quality of the words.

Life of Pi, the moral of this story - Grade 12 - Assignment

501 words - 3 pages island for a bit of rest and respite. Whatever it is you're committed to, there will be obstacles along the path. At times it may even seem impossible. But when you truly believe in achieving your goal, you can't give up, no matter how daunting the outlook is. We all share a common goal, survival.Every living thing is on a constant struggle to survive. This alone gives us something in common with every living things and should bring us closer to understand their purpose. So, these are a few of the things I learnt from Life Of Pie.  Page of Page 1 of 4

How does the Great Gatsby use of colors give the story more life ? - Honors English - Essay

681 words - 3 pages color in the story is gold, which represents the money in the story. These are many examples of colors from the story that are used to symbolize something greater. The first color is green which symbolizes an unrealistic future. It symbolizes Gatsby’s unrealistic future that he wants with Daisy. Daisy is a woman, Gatsby met when he was young and has been madly in love with her ever since. In The Great Gatsby for the past five years, Gatsby has been

Guilt Trip: The Tale-Tell Heart - Cisco College and 1302 english - Element of a story

626 words - 3 pages Young 2 Guilt Trip When reading Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” our narrator is motived to execute an elderly man with an unusual eye. The old man’s physical disabilities “would fancy him mad” (Poe 37), thus leading our narrator to become a cold-blooded killer. However, it wasn’t the death of the old man that would be our narrators undoing, it was his anxiety and the sound of a subtle heartbeat that would unfold everything. In the story