The Story Of An Hour Response Paper Enc1102 Response Paper

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Autumn Bardisa
ENC 1102
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8 September 2018
The Story of an Hour Response Paper
I chose to write a response paper to the short story of “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. What mainly drew me in was how much irony this short story contains. The story begins with Mrs. Mallard, a woman with an unstated heart condition that causes everyone around her to act as if they were walking on eggshells. Her sister and a friend soon discover that her husband was killed in an accident and must find a way to tell her. After breaking the news of the tragedy to Mrs. Mallard, she bawls her eyes out and takes herself to her room where she locks the door. After some time, a feeling she keeps trying to push down keeps resurfacing. The feeling of freedom. Although she loved her husband very much and is devastated by the loss, she feels a strong sense of freedom. Instead of feeling dread towards a future without her husband, she feels enlightened for the days to come. During this time, she is still locked in her room, her sister keeps trying to gather her attention and make sure she is okay. Mrs. Mallard walks out, feeling anew and rejuvenated, towards her sister, where they start heading downstairs. Then suddenly, the very much alive Mr. Mallard walks through the door. When Mrs. Mallard sets her sights on him, she goes into shock and dies.
When first reading the story, I thought the description of Mrs. Mallard was an older lady, which I was wrong about when Kate Chopin mentioned she was young. This story is full of irony and is an emotional roller coaster. It was full of shocking elements. At first, I was surprised when she felt happiness and joy when finding out her husband was killed. But as I read on, I guess I could say I sort of understood why she was feeling that way. I had to put myself in that time era and think about how women were regarded as property. Women had very few rights and she may have felt controlled by her husband. Another aspect that shocked me was when Mr. Mallard just randomly showed up, a scene I was not expecting. But even more unexpecting was when Mrs. Mallard died as he walked in. This story holds the idea and theme of freedom and confinement. One thing that did catch my attention at first was why she f...


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