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Critical Reading and Persuasive Writing
Critical Reading Assignment
Han Chen
NBCC St. Andrews
Instructor Mrs. Penny Anderson
Critical Analysis – Falls prevention
1) Why was the topic chosen for this study?
Falling is a prevalent factor that threatens people’s safety. In my experience,
falling happened to me two years ago. It was in mid-night, when I left my friend’s home
and was going to get in the car, I fell as I didn’t know there was a curb beside the car.
This accident resulted in the swelling of my ankle for months. Falls is the most common
factor that negatively affects our daily living, especially in the healthcare facility falling
and falls related injures are one of the main concerns of a patient’s safety, especially in
among those 65 years and older. Patient’s safety, efficient patient care and quality
patient care are top priority of healthcare organization. The National Database for
Nursing Quality Indictors ( NDNQI ) defined fall as “an unplanned descent to the floor,
with or without an injury to the patient”. Over 84% of all of all adverse events that occur
in the hospital setting has been associated with falls resulting in injury, with 4-6%
resulting in serious injuries. The Joint Commission in 2002 established its National
Patient Safety Goal program that includes the goal to reduce falls and the risk of injury
from fall. As LPN we need to be highly aware of the risk factors that could cause falls,
thus preventing a fall and ensure patient’s safety.
2) What was the sample size and location for the study?
There are some locations and sample sizes for the study of the risk of factors
causing falls. They are Taiwan, with a sample size of 330, Germany, with a sample size of
4735, Portugal, with sample size of 193, China, with sample size of 298, United States,
with sample size of 784, Japan, with sample size of 3683, Japan, with sample size of 349,
the midwest United states, with sample size of 107, in total seven different locations
and 10,497 people.
3) How might that have impacted the results of the study?
Through the study and literature review, has identified medications that are
known to significantly affect the central nervous system, such as benzodiazepines,
opioids, and antipsychotics, all were identified as predictive fall risk factors. Cardiac,
medications and those medication known to cause orthostatic hypotension and
dizziness/vertigo where identified as predictive fall risk factors. In short, through the
study, medicati...

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