The Study Of History Has Value Only To The Extent That It Is Relevant To Our Daily Lives

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Before remarking on the topic above, I would like to make clear the value of the study of history. For my part, history of human being is like a treasury which people could recourse to in all ages. Hence, I partly agree with the statement. In my opinion, the study of history has much value to the extent that it is relevant to our daily lives. However, in certain cases the study of history would of no use even if it has relationship with our daily lives.

History would tell us what has already been proved wrong in the past and warn us not to make the same mistakes in our daily lives. Actually, people have a tendency to commit the same faults because ...view middle of the document...

Practically, some creative ideas valuable to us now are the combinations of the old concepts and present advanced technologies. Let us take the success of a Spanish Architect as an example. Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish who has designed many beautiful bridges and buildings for our cities, which include the knowledge of animals' bones structures and the advanced concrete technologies. However, all these innovative ideas are from the past. The notion to resemble the form of animals' skeleton was first made 100 years before by Antonio Gaudi, the most famous artist and architect in the history of Spain. In his great work - Sagrada De Familia, he had tried to build the pillars like the leg of a bird. Unfortunately, because of the poor concrete techniques no one could made such a huge animal like pillar. After 100 years, Calatrava succeeded in this idea and create a new type of art for the world and our daily lives. Thus, the study of history has value of helping us find the creative ideas which would benefit our daily lives.

In addition, knowing the history would help us predict the future, which would be instructive to our daily lives' efforts. Many critics and historicians have proved that this is the case. For example, Kenneth Frampton, one of the most important critics in the history of art and architecture, has succeeded in predicting the coming of the Post-modern Architecture after he studied the history from the Renaissance to the Modern Architecture. He found that the history of the art was like a loop, which would go from complication to simplification and back to complication. This swaying trend would bring a new era of architecture after the time...


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