The Summary Of Britain , Russia, And The Balkans Revolution Undergraduate Assigment

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The summary of Britain , Russia, and the Balkans revolution
Britain: From Moderation to Militancy
Before 1914 during half century British was trying to make a workable government system. Second reform made a vied of 2 major political parties, consecutive and liberal. The parliament responded it as something beneficial for British people. Then on 1901 an independent Labor party had created and in the same time the liberal ministry who took control was in trouble. His ex-government competitor David Lloyd toke his control In order to fulfil a nation needs especially in military aspects. The competitor made a controversial budget including progressive income and inheritance taxes purposed to obtain a higher national income. This policy contains high bill value that led British into the door of chaos. The legislative parliament who was responsible for this began to buckle. Then protest had come from military industry that strikes on a group of places, and in the same time Ireland with its own government system started their armed confrontation production for defensive purpose. Ireland had been ruled directly by British in 1800 but an effort to make Irish regained completely was failed. After that moment “New Nationalism” from Irish people had emerged. This movement constructed by people who interested to Irish original culture and history. It makes militant political action led by Sinn Finn suddenly came and declare war to national British.
Russia: The Road to Revolution
Industrial and social changes were happened in Russia. Their political system can no longer handle the changes. By challenge of western industrialization and knowing other aspects of other country national stabilization, Russia had to make a revolution. In 1880 and 1890 this country created a successful economic program surpassing any other Europeans. This revolution created a harsh social change from country to city life. At that time, a problems were come from their legal and financial laws. Then Russia by Alexander III in 1881 after the death of alexander...

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