The Sun Also Rises Chapters 1-3 - Hillsboro High School American Men - Assignment

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Name _Darin Setzer__
Character Identification: Discuss a few characteristics and at least one fact about each character.
1. Cohn
Robert Cohn is an eager, Jewish young man from a wealthy family history. He went to Princeton and was teased for being Jewish, which made him race-conscious. Going to Princeton made him bitter, so he learned how to box to take out his aggressions. He married the first girl who was nice to him, divorced, and became the sole editor of a magazine company. He loved to write, so he went to Europe to become inspired. He had complicated girl issues, for he had never been in love in his life, but was always in a relationship. After Europe he went back to America with a novel he wrote. It was accepted by a good publisher and he changed from the simple, nice man he once was. Now, he wasn’t pleasant to be around, and a bit vain. “I cant stand it to think my life is going by so fast and I’m not living it.”
2. Brett
Brett is a good-looking woman who Cohn fancies. She seems fearless, confident, and outgoing. Brett seems rather dramatic, and she ends chapter three by saying “Oh darling I’ve been so miserable.”
3. Georgette
A good looking woman with a unique smile. She is a little judgmental, nothing seems to be quite good enough for her. She is lighthearted and loves to dance. Makes friends and meets new people easily. She does not like Paris because she thinks it is expensive and dirty. She speaks her mind regardless. She likes to dance with many different boys at the bar in chapter 3.
4. Jake
Jake is the perspective from whom the novel is coming from. He is a rather judgmental, sporty, suspicious, man who likes to look beyond peoples appearances. “I mistrust all frank and simple people, especially when their stories hold together, and I always had a suspicion that perhaps…”( Hemmingway, 12) Jake feels threatened by a superior, composure and it makes him angry. Jake is also a hard worker
1. Discuss the themes of the text through the first 3 chapters.
Drinking to fill in time is a big theme in this book. When anything remotely difficult happens, Jake drinks.
Traveling for a purpose
2. Discuss/identify the setting of the first 2 chapters.
The first two chapters were in the setting
3. What trait do you see exhibited by each character?
4. Discuss Robert Cohn’s background? What is his major problem?
Background = Rich Jewish family
His major problem is being rejected and distrust.
5. What is Jakes reaction to Cohn’s desire to travel?
He thinks that it is foolish and immediately shoots down the idea. Cohn keeps on trying to convince Jake to go with him, but Jake refuses. He did not like the place that he had suggested.

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