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Short Writing Response: ‘In Some Ways, The Tempest Is About Shakespeare’s Retirement.’
I agree with this statement because the play is all centred around letting go of things, even if it is hard and there are several obstacles that are trying to stop it from happening. This is just like Shakespeare. He had to let go of writing plays, the connection of the audience that he had every time that he wrote the plays and he had to let go of his company The King’s men. He found this hard as he had been writing for several years and loved to do it, but he knew that is was the right time to stop. The obstacles that he faced, were that there were other play-writes that wanted to be better than him and takeover his role in The King’s Men and Shakespeare didn’t want them too, but if he gave up, then someone might and that wouldn’t have been a good thing for him as people wouldn’t be as interested in his plays, instead they would go and watch the person that had taken over. However, all his worries didn’t happen as after he retired people still payed large sums of money to see his plays and still do, even though people did take over his role, they weren’t as successful.
Extended Writing Response ‘Miranda and Ferdinand’s romantic love was not genuine.’ How far and in what ways do you agree with this view?
I strongly disagree with this statement because of the way that they were talking to each other. Miranda says, “I am your wife if you will marry me; If not I’ll die your maid.” She is willing to not marry anyone if he says no to her as she loves him so much. Ferdinand is a prince, and thinks that he could possibly the King, so when he does labour work for her, just to prove that he is worthy of her is quite spectacular. He says, “and for your sake, Am I this patient log-man.” This means that he will do any honourable thing for her and will slave for her.
Another thing that means that their love I genuine, is the fact that they fell in love the instant, that they saw each other. Miranda didn’t k...


Colonization: The Tempest and “ The Man Who Loved Islands” - sjc and Short Story - Essay

834 words - 4 pages Colonization: ​The Tempest​ and “ The Man Who Loved Islands” Colonization is ​the action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area. ​The Tempest​ by Shakespeare explores the complex and problematic relationship between the European colonizer and the native colonized peoples through the relationship between Prospero and Caliban. “The Man Who Loved Islands” by D.H. Lawrence explores the islander

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1010 words - 5 pages “How does the relationship between The Tempest and Hag-Seed show how composers are influenced by another text’s concepts and values?” The relationship between The Tempest and Hag-seed, written by William Shakespeare and Margret Atwood shows how composers are influenced by other text’s concepts and values through textual conversation. Atwood’s appropriation of The Tempest reflects and adapts the text to a post-modern contextualisation whilst also

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854 words - 4 pages MORALS: LONG LOST AND FORGOTTENMorals are necessary to mantain order in society, without morals society starts to become chaotic. In Golding's Lord of the Flies, the boys have morals in which they already follow and morals that they create while on the island. At first the boys decide to have a civilized life on the island, then this civilized life soon crumbles causing much chaos and destruction on the island.One of the first morals lost in

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704 words - 3 pages throughout “The Tempest” is to lead others into a variety of physical, emotional, creative, intellectual and spiritual discoveries. The idea of Prospero being driven by the desire of revenge is signified early in the play. The storm symbolises his power and disruption of natural order reflecting chaos and turmoil resulting in corrupted ethics. When Prospero asks whether the mariners are safe in Act 1 Scene 2, Ariel replies “Not a hair perished”. This

Creative poem and analysis of Ariel from The Tempest-William Shakespeare - Latymer . Year 7 - Assignment

892 words - 4 pages Free and very popular in The Tempest. In the play Ariel seemed to have a difficult relationship with Prospero which I wanted to express in my poem. He was always loyal and put him on a pedestal calling him ‘great master’ and ‘great sir’ (Act 1, Scene 2). In the first lines Ariel calls Prospero ‘my saviour’ which is referring to the fact that Prospero saved him from the tree Sycorax had trapped him in before the play started. He is also shown to have a

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345 words - 2 pages amazing that we even understand each other. After spending all day together we always end up talking on the phone for hours and many times repeating the same conversations without ever realizing it. For some people it's hard to imagine being friends with someone for so long, but if I were to choose one person outside of my family that I could not do without. I would pick my best friend Tonya. We've helped each other through the good times and bad

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930 words - 4 pages Najia Bennett 12/9/2018 Final Essay Dr. Wang The chrysanthemums are clearly a symbol. What do they represent? John Steinbeck's short story "The Chrysanthemums" is about a proud, strong woman named Elisa Allen who feels frustrated with her present life. Her frustration stems from not having a child and from her husband's failure to admire her romantically as a woman. The only outlet for her frustration is her flower garden where she cultivates

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4401 words - 18 pages What were the long-term international effects of the Vietnam War? Analyse with respect to America’s experience. This essay explores the long-term impact of the Vietnam War (1955-75) on America’s role in the international system. This 20-year conflict had a catastrophic total death toll of over two million and caused the deaths of 58,000 American soldiers, with 150,000 wounded and many more psychologically harmed; it toppled a president, altered

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1007 words - 5 pages , something like a soft beret, that makes me see artistic intentions, or at least a shy and stubborn eccentricity, in this young woman, whose long neck and forward- inclining head indicate as well that she is tall and slender and somewhat awkward… But perhaps it was the fashion (51).” Many view that Alice Munro gives a greater sense of complexity by giving her opinions on Almeda while describing her physical features at the same time. Munro must have

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520 words - 3 pages said, “Because Father said clocks slay time. He said time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clocks stops does time come to life” (Faulkner, 53). When Quentin fails to break away from the past, he attempts to escape time’s overwhelming grip by breaking the watch face on his dresser. Unfortunately for him, the watch keeps ticking and the sound of time relentlessly haunts him. As this and not being able to

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559 words - 3 pages Free breath of one, lonely survivor. The two Vietnam veterans that too went through death and traumatic tragedies were George and Terry’s Father from the short stories, “Dear America” and Stop the Sun”, the two share many similarities and differences concerning Vietnam. George and Terry’s Father share many similarities about the Vietnam War. The two most obvious similarities are that both of Veterans served in Vietnam and had a difficult time sharing

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766 words - 4 pages King Craisean King Christopher Moore Composition 1 30 November 2018 My Expectations Before I came to college I hated writing because I would always think I did well on an essay and I did not. I tried to get better but that did not work. I tried to not overthink on what to write. It worked for me on my final exam in high school which is the reason I made it to college. When I first got to college I was expected to get an A in composition, but I

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794 words - 4 pages ‘Journeys can involve the shattering of long held beliefs.’ Journeys can involve the shattering of long held beliefs. Something that we believed true can break apart in an instant. However, through these mistakes, we learn to step up from error and delusion, and acquire greater understanding of ourselves and the world. This is supported in Shakespeare’s play King Lear, and the article Mother Courage: At Home with Rosie Batty by the Monthly. Both

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608 words - 3 pages think that Marie and Alexandra had similar outlooks upon life on the prairie, and tried hard to deal with what was going on with them. As is the case in many stories, the passionate forbidden love was the short one, and the steady somewhat boring love was the one to work out. So as Alexandra was in charge of molding her own her father and spoiled growing up coddled personality through her personal experiences, Marie, this could be the reason for

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1372 words - 6 pages opinions changed in favour of the rebels. The Rising had long lasting effects on the issue of Irish independence. ● Sinn Fein was mistakenly blamed for the Rising. ● The Home Rule bill went into decline. ● Recruitment of Irish Catholics into the British Army fell. ● Many key Irish republicans lost their lives in the Rising, which deprived the Independence struggle of potential leaders. New figures began to emerge on the political stage to replace the void left by these deaths and the decline of the Home Rule Bill.