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THE MAYAN TEMPLE The temple I built is a Mayan temple that can be found in Central America.The temple contains many things inside. The temples contain hieroglyphics that tells stories of ancient rulers of the Mayans. carvings. Some are zoomorphic figures (animal figures), and some represent the gods they believed in the carvings on the walls of the temples usually depict Mayan rulers on platforms stairways, plazas, stelae, and altars in these Copan, called the Rosalia are gray due to weathering. The Rosalia was built below another temple, wh ...view middle of the document...

They became wealthy and began to build temples for their gods.The model I made for the Mayan temple is made out of Styrofoam from a fan box and of plaster. On Friday I cut pieces of the Styrofoam and shaped them into sides that would piece together. Then I cut three blocks to make the top of the temple. Next I put piece of Styrofoam over those three pieces. I then put all the pieces together and held them together with toothpicks at each corner. Next I got a sharp knife and chiseled out steps from the Styrofoam. The Styrofoam was extremely easy to shape with.On Monday I got food coloring and the plaster. I used green and red colors and mixed it with the plaster to give it a grayish green color. Then I took a cement smoother and got little bits of plaster and smoothed it on the back of the temple. I got a smaller cement smoother and did the top of the temple. I used the same smoother and carefully smoothed the plaster on the steps and sides. I let the plaster dry and then checked to see if I missed any spots. On Tuesday Ashley and I found a couple of spots and carefully filled the holes. Then I used my finger to smooth the edges of the temple out. The next thing I did was I positioned the temple where the back was facing the fence. On Wednesday we took the label that said The Mayan Temple and that had unit Four and my name.


SES and College Selectivity; Defining the Social Imagination - Temple University/2020 - Essay

678 words - 3 pages Obare 1 Aquilla Obare Professor Marcus Intro to Sociology 20 February, 2019 Socioeconomic Status (SES) and its Relation to College Selectivity; Defining Social Reproduction and the Sociological Imagination Students across the nation attend college every year, but what makes them choose that specific college? Why do some students go to a more prestigious college compared to a less prestigious college? Why do these schools pick certain students

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1220 words - 5 pages Dear Admissions Committee, My name is Tejas Viswanathan and I am a current senior at FlexSchool in Berkeley Heights, NJ. I have applied as an undergraduate freshman for Temple University and I would absolutely love to be a student there. It is in fact, my top choice. There are many reasons why I would be a good fit at Temple, and would enjoy my experience there. First and foremost, I love the diversity of the school. As I am an Indian, I want to

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516 words - 3 pages 3 RAI Harman Rai RMI 2101 Section 004 - T 5:30-8 P.M April 23, 2019 1. Describe the rationale for employer-provided employee benefits. You must identify and explain at least four reasons. (10 points) Employers offer benefits to attract and retain employees, keep up morale, legal requirement, and tax advantages. One of the reasons that employers provide their employees with benefits is so that the employer can attract and retain their best

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3475 words - 14 pages 2 Issues in Law Enforcement Final The Ferguson Effect Over the past few years, law enforcement in the United States has become under intense examination from the public for deadly force incidents on unarmed black civilians. On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was fatally shot by Officer Daren Wilson in Ferguson, MO. This incident sparked weeks of civil unrest in Ferguson, a Department of Justice investigation into the

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606 words - 3 pages Gagandeep Kaur English 041 Professor William Uhrich Golden temple Presently it was noon, searing sun over the head with 45 degrees C, and we were heading towards the Golden Temple. Sunrays were directly hitting my skin. I still had 200 meters to walk, but those steps felt like 10 miles while strolling. Its in Amritsar, Punjab India. Its near the bazar(city). Best know as for the food and the Temple. We reached the temples massive shoe stand

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516 words - 3 pages Reflection on “The Only God You’ll Ever See”, chapter 10 from Charisma, C. Lindholm. Summary Leader of the Peoples Temple, Jim Jones was a charismatic figure who initiated the mass suicide of 900 followers without the use of force nor insanity. As a frustrated boy, it wasn’t until a neighbour lead him to Pentecostal church that he found happiness in preaching. This led to dedicating himself as a preacher/healer, where eventually he started

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1743 words - 7 pages could do for the city. Festivals were held for Artemis, and word of these festivals spread far and wide. People from all across the empire came to Ephesus to interact with the great Artemis Ephesia and her magnificent temple. (The details on these festivals come later.) The truth is that without Artemis, the Ephesians would have had no political center, no economy, no social life. Life in Ephesus centered on Artemis and her temple. The temple of

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580 words - 3 pages and through their temples, sculptures, and pottery the Greeks showed their way of life. Much of Greek art and architecture was meant to honor the gods. The greatest was the Parthenon(Iktinos and Kallikrates (Phidias directed the sculptural program), Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens, 447 - 432 B.C.E.) This temple was built to honor the goddess Athena. The temple’s ratio of the width of the building the number and space between columns was designed

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708 words - 3 pages has come about because of the seemingly natural predisposition of males to want to dominate. At the Nan Tien Temple, we did not see many monks around because they were elsewhere, doing more important things, the nuns were left to teach the school children and tourists. After visiting the Nan Tien Temple, and seeing the somewhat uptight nuns there, I suspect that this is also a change within the belief system. Buddha had taught tolerance and

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389 words - 2 pages commanded Moses to build the Tabernacle and to place the two sets of the Ten Commandments inside of the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark was part of the Tabernacle, which was a temple that could be moved around the desert. The center of the Tabernacle is called the Holy of Holies and is where the Ark was to be placed. The only person allowed to enter the Holy of Holies was the high priest on the Day of Atonement. He would enter with the sacrificial blood

Document Analysis The Marriage Of The Virgin 1500-1504 Oil On Round Headed Panel 170x121cm Pinacoteca Di Brera , Milan Raffaello Sanzio, Known As Raphael

637 words - 3 pages Free of Città di Castello (scala 8) for the chapel of St Joseph in the Church of San Francesco. In comparison to the two works of Perugino the similarities are easily recognised. However although we can date Perugino's earlier work between 1481and1482, his Marriage of the Virgin can only be dated from between 1500 and 1504. Raphael helpfully named himself and dated his work in the middle of the temple and so we know definitely it was finished in

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914 words - 4 pages ).Parallel to this concept of the "front" is living dual personalities. Often individuals live dual personalities because of their surrounding environment. This concept is easily exemplified in my temple. The youths that attend temple on the weekend are very pious, humble, and absolutely respectful to elders. However, once they take step outside the temple, a 180 degree turn is made and essentially become "thugs." Sometimes I wonder why there is such

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387 words - 2 pages Free pictures a Mayan pyramid temple in Tikal, which was the tallest structure in the Americas until the twentieth century. This temple evidenced that the Mayans had great skill when it came to architecture and the building of great structures. Mayan architects would build large palaces and pyramid shaped temples like the one in Tikal. The pyramid pictured is a Mayan step pyramid, which was used for worship. Many of these pyramids were built and many of

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1489 words - 6 pages Ortiz 1 Noelanie Ortiz Professor Diaz REL2300 October 10, 2017 Experience Paper #1 Experience Report #1 – Hinduism The experience that I chose for my report was visiting a Hindu temple in Orlando, and attending one of their worship services last Sunday. The temple is specifically called the “BAPS Shree Swaminarayan Mandir”, and it’s located right off Orange Blossom Trail. I chose to do this for my report because my friend is Hindu, and she told

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1132 words - 5 pages . When visiting the temple they must purify themselves by cleansing the body with purified water. The consecration of Temples and their resident deities is routinely celebrated in temples worldwide. Five elements are included in the rituals. Statues of the deities signify the earth. Water is purified by being placed in brass pots. The chanting of the mantras represents the wind. The sky represented by meditation and fire, which symbolizes power."A