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Apart from the Narnia series written by Lewis, Mere Christianity is quite possibly his most famous work. The book was, and still is, an incredibly powerful piece of apologetic literature that people (Christians and skeptics alike) have been reading for over fifty years. Mere Christianity has had much staying power since being published, so that naturally raises the question: what about the book makes it so influential? The voice that Lewis uses in his book is, I am convinced, the reason for the book’s lasting popularity. More specifically, Lewis’s voice comes across as humble, logical, and inviting, and this is the cause of MC’s enduring use. Nice opening and thesis.
Lewis was an incredibly intelligent man, and a very accomplished writer, but he never claimed to be something that he wasn’t. He was humble enough to admit that he was not infallible, and in fact, possessed only limited knowledge of certain things. In book three, for instance, Lewis states “… I have never been married myself, and, therefore, can speak only at second hand” (Lewis 81). Perhaps an even better example, we find Lewis in book two practicing much the same kind of humility. “… I am only a layman, and at this point we are getting into deep water” (Lewis 43). As remarkable as it is to read Lewis’ beliefs about humility in a Christian sense, it is even more thrilling to see that he actually abides by it. In writing this novel Lewis finds himself in the position to be the ultimate authority, the sole voice of the church to a generation of skeptics, and he chooses to practice humility. Good observation.
In book one, Lewis has a tremendous amount of material to unpack. Assuming that his audience is skeptical towards faith of any kind, Lewis is required to gingerly coax them out of their certainty into a place where they can become curious. He does so in an incredibly logical manner, that would appeal to both scientists, philosophers, etc. Lewis first begins the weighty task of providing evidence for the existence of a god. Not at first the Christian God, but simply god. He says “There is only one case in which we can know whether there is anything more, namely our own case. And in that one case we find there is”. (Lewis 19). Lewis has spent the last four chapters building his case, slowly, and then brings it home with this ...


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