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The Treatment Of The French This Essay Looks At How The French People Were Treated Throughout Canadian History

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The bitterest rivalry in world history can be easily seen as that of the English and French. This rivalry can date back into the earliest times and the two distinct nations easily adopted a nationalist attitude. The British and French had a deep and emotional sense of being a superior nation over the other. The two shared the same continent but they had a distinct language, religion and culture. These three distinct characteristics made the rivalry extreme and at times in history intense. What started out as a conflict in Europe, travelled the oceans, and ended up in a conflict in North America. The earlier conflicts between the French and English in North America sparked the French people ...view middle of the document...

James Murray was a successor of James Wolfe at Quebec. Soon after the death of General James Wolfe, James Murray was chosen as the General to lead all British forces in Quebec and across New France. After the conquest James Murray was chosen as governor of Quebec. In Quebec, James Murray was seen as very sympathetic to the French people in the area. He adopted a very positive relationship with the catholic priest and other noble Frenchmen. He felt the need for a non-aggression solution to problems facing the French and was in favour of giving the French people a greater autonomy. The official instructions issued to Governor James Murray in December 1763 was to place restrictions and limitations to Catholic freedom of worship. Murray wrote to his superiors in 1764: "I will with joy undertake anything to distress and reduce to reason my royal master's enemies...but I cannot be the instrument of destroying, perhaps, the best and bravest race on this globe, a race that have already got the better of every national antipathy to their conquerors, and could they be indulged with a very few privileges, which the laws of England do not allow to Catholics at home, must in a very short time become the most faithful and useful set of men in this American empire." This clearly showed Murray was not about to follow his official instructions. He did not want to be the cause of destroying what he claimed was the " best and bravest race on the globe." This clearly showed that British policy toward the French people have been changing for the good. Murray believed that the French deserved better rights and should be approached for decision making in Quebec.Murray aggressively persuaded for the acceptance of French people holding public office. He went to Britain to argue that the British should be more considerate of the French people and thus wanted Britain to give him permission to enable French Catholics to hold public offices. Murray's attitude soon caused his dismissal, but Murray achieved his goal in making French people hold public offices. This clearly shows that the British were very considerate of the French and thus won the French many rights. It is clear that this time period was the time French-English ties and relationship enhanced and a trustworthy relationship developed. These bold actions by Murray clearly indicated his will to change the plight of the French people and their living conditions. Murray left but the French people of Quebec will never forget his memories and courageous actions.Following the dismissal of Governor James Murray, Governor Guy Carleton was chosen to administrate Quebec. Murray's successor Carleton grew to share Murray's sympathy for the French people. On December 24,1767 Guy Carleton put forward a recommendation and advice to change the laws that govern the people of Quebec. He advised that laws and customs were widely different from those of England and should be changed, so that French people become accustomed to the...

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