The Tsunami On A Lake, A Short Story Cherokee/American Lit/Comp Homework Assignment

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Brubaker 1
Sean Brubaker
Mrs. Mullett
American Lit/Comp
5 June 2018
The Tsunami on the Lake
It was a beautiful, clear sky Tuesday in good ole rural North Carolina when everything started falling apart, quite literally. On the side of the road stood two young men, one short and red-haired and the other who was tall, muscular, and completely gray-haired. They were examining their trailer’s shredded wheel, and they had no idea what to do since they had no spare tire. As a result, they sheepishly called the gray-haired man’s grandfather to come rescue them. A little while later the two men were rescued, and they had arrived at their destination. Ironically, their destination was the gray-haired man’s grandparent’s property for they had a large lake known for its wonderful fishing. After the young men took a short break to organize themselves and relax, they began to prepare their boat for an all-day fishing trip. Once they had double and triple checked all their gear, they thought they were ready and headed off, oblivious to the nightmare in the sky slowly coming right for them.
Hours later full of unbelievable fishing, the two men had sensed a change that made stop and look. In the distance, they saw dark-grey, storm clouds, and they simply brushed it off as if it was nothing. Storms didn’t bother those two they would continue fishing rain or shine. Eventually, the storm clouds were right over them, and that was when the ocean dropped out of the sky. The two men were terrified out of their minds, they had never dealt with anything close to this so-called storm. They didn’t even bother...

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