The Type Of Person Who Would Write A Virus. Give One Example Of Someone? Introduction To Cybercrime And Homeland Security Assignment

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Running head: CASE STUDY 2.1
Case Study 2.1
Anishbhai Trivedi
University of the Potomac
Introduction to Cybercrime and Homeland Security
Dr.David Kimble
Describe the type of person who would write a virus. Give one example of someone?
Anyone can write a virus - from a kid in his bedroom to the guy who delivers the mail.
Virus writers are not a homogenous group. It is not possible to stereotype them and assume that what is known about one is common to them all. In this way, there isn't really an "average" virus writer.
However, there are certain characteristics that seem to hold true for most virus writers. From my observation, the vast majority of virus writers appear to be male and are aged between 14 and 24. Girls don't seem to be very interested in writing and spreading malicious code.
Most virus writers also seem to "retire" when they reach their mid-20s or before. Unfortunately, there is a steady stream of adolescent males eager to replace them. That's not to say that all virus writers fit within this age group. David L. Smith, the author of the infamous Melissa virus, was 30 years-old when apprehended by the FBI.
What is cyber-bullying and how is it different than real world bullying? Give one example (case)?
When bullying is carried out using information technology and internet, then it is Cyber Bullying. Use of social media platforms to defame and threaten victim occurs in Cyber Bullying. Often the cyber bullies attack their victims anonymously. Cyber bullying can occur anywhere and anytime unlike the traditional bullying.
Cyber bullying is more serious than traditional bullying because it plays out in front of a larger audience as compared to the traditional bullying. It can occur anytime, anywhere and often the victims have no idea who is harassing them. Mostly the victims are harassed constantly and coping such bullying becomes very difficult for the victims. Finally, there is less chances of reporting in Cyber bullying by the victims in fear of reprisal or punishment.
What are the major Supreme Court cases on cyber exploitation?
Reno v. ACLU, Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, US v. American Library Association ("United States Courts," n.d.).
What is "ethnic cleansing" and why is it so controversial?
Ethnic cleansing, the attempt to create ethnically homogeneous geographic areas through the deportation or forcible displacement of persons belonging to particular ethnic groups. Ethnic cleansing sometimes involves the removal of all physical vestiges of the targeted group through the destruction of monuments, cemeteries, and houses of worship ("Ethnic cleansing," n.d.).
The term ethnic cleansing, a literal translation of the Serbo-Croatian phrase etnicko ciscenje, was widely employed in the 1990s to describe the brutal treatment of various civilian groups in the conflicts that erupted upon the disintegration of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. These groups included Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina (3),...

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