The Ultimate Standard For Muslim Leaders Is The Prophet Muhammad

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The ultimate standard for Muslim leaders is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Recognized by many non-Muslim historians and social scientists as the person who most influenced the course of human history, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) best embodies the personal qualities necessary for effective, God-fearing leadership. Since his time, the barometer by which any Muslim leader is measured continues to be that of the last Messenger of Allah.His dress was always clean, though simple. He was very mindful of cleanliness. He washed his hands and mouth before and after taking his meals.He was so kind and generous that he never refused a reasonable request of any person. He often distributed edibles among oth ...view middle of the document...

On group journeys, the Prophet would work like the others and would never let anybody work instead of him. Once on a journey, his companion asked him to allow him to do the work. In answer to this request, the Holy Prophet said, `I do not like to be treated as if I were privileged because God does not like any of His creatures to consider himself privileged or to be treated as if he were privileged over others'. And he got up and collected firewood.He invariably stood by his words and pledges. He paid affectionate visits to his relatives and friends but would never take their side unduly. The Holy Prophet would never permit anybody to backbite others and said, `I want to meet people with a loving heart'.His modesty was peerless. He was extremely patient, tolerant, and forgiving.Anas ibn Malik, who was the servant of the Holy Prophet has narrated, `I used to prepare milk for the Prophet to break his fast with. One night he was home late. Thinking that he had been a guest at somebody's house and thus had broken his fast there, I drank the milk. Before long he returned home. I asked his companions if he had broken his fast and they said that he had not.`When the Holy Prophet was informed of the matter, he made no remark about it and behaved as if he were not hungry at all and went without supper with a cheerful face. The next day he also fastedThe Holy Prophet immensely loved the ritual prayers, but on occasions when people demanded to talk to him about something, he would say his ritual prayers briefly and instead, pay attention to the demands and needs of the people. He would spare no efforts to fulfill the people's needs.The Prophet treated everyone with great respect and considered nobility and honour to be owing to faith, piety, and good behaviour. He was not interested in wealth or status, nor did he revere anybody for his riches or position.His behaviour towards slaves was amazingly affectionate, and he would do his best to remove the troubles and sufferings of the slaves and the poor.Whenever he met anyone he said, 'Salamun Alaikum'. He always spoke with a smiling face.The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) was a model of all the virtues and qualities of a believer described in the Holy Qur'an. None can describe him better than Allah who has said he possessed the noblest character.Kindness & ForgivenessMore than 1400 years ago in Arabia the people were living very much in fear. They feared their neighbours. They feared other tribes. They even feared their idols. For this was the time before Islam. The Arabs were worshipping idols. In their ignorance they would burry their newly born daughters alive. As Islam began to spread among Arabs such cruel practices stopped. For Islam taught love ...


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