The Un; Canada’s Greatest Asset Towards Its Foreign Policies And Relations

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The UN; Canada's Greatest Asset towards its Foreign Policies and RelationsFrom its founding in 1945 up till now, Canada has been a major contributor to the UN's international interests and objectives. Canada has benefitted from its role in the UN by using the UN as a forum to promote foreign policy and relations. As a nation, it has strived to achieve world peace through various peacekeeping missions internationally and the UN has allowed Canada to pursue its global security objectives to evidently make the world a better place. Canada has been able to establish a clear and independent identity as a strong and influential nation in world affairs because of the UN due to which Canada has b ...view middle of the document...

Britain was pressured by Canada to call for a cease fire until a diplomatic solution could be sought out. (LESTER PEARSON & THE SUEZ CRISIS) As a result of his actions in leading the Canadian forces to ultimately resolve the conflict known as the Suez Crisis and for his innovation of peacekeeping Lester B. Pearson was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Since then Canada has still abided by the UN's main goal of maintaining international peace and security and developing friendly relations amongst nations. This is quite evident considering the fact that Canada has participated in almost every United Nations peacekeeping mission and most missions benefit our forces. Over 125, 000 Canadians have participated in over 50 peacekeeping missions for the United Nations. (Canadian Peacekeepers Missions) The world is full of conflicts between people and nations but Canada has successfully stopped many of these conflicts by intervening and then sorting out diplomatic solutions. Through Canada's many peacekeeping missions whether good or bad, Canada has set the bar in terms of how to approach conflicts and how to find peaceful solutions without violence and has therefore contributed greatly as a nation to world peace.Not only has Canada established itself as a leader in peacekeeping but it has also established itself a clear and independent identity as a strong and influential nation in world affairs. This is because the UN is an organization through which Canada has been capable of having a sustained long-term impact and a voice in world affairs. The United Nations' objectives, as stated in its charter, have animated Canadian foreign and defense policy from its founding in 1945. Canada has advocated its independence by creating laws that ban nuclear weapons testing, landmines, and the overall reduction of weapons of mass destruction or firearms. Canada is considered a middle power but in the United Nations, Canada has a voice and can initiate actions to combat any problem. One way that Canada is given a voice in the UN is through the many representatives sitting in several committees such as the UNSC or the Economic and Social Council. Canada has been a member of the Security Council since 1946; 2010 was the first time that Canada did not make the Security Council. (The United Nations and Canada's Role) There are also many individual Canadians whom have represented Canada's independence through their actions. A Canadian lawyer whose name was John Peters Humphrey partially drafted the UN charter and 50 years ago he was also the main author of the Universal Declaration of Humans Rights. (Canada and the United Nations) Maurice Strong chaired the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972 and the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro; he also served as the founding Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. (Canada and the United Nations) Furthermore, on January 1998, Lou...


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