The Ussr's Actions Against The Us Were Simply Reflexes, Not Direct Contributions To The Causation Of The Cold War

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To take the perspective of the traditionalist historian in placing the blame of origin of the Cold War solely upon the Soviet Union is orthodox and somewhat reasonable if only one frame, out of the context of long decades of conflict, is examined. But before critics quickly sway to the extreme of siding with US Naval War historian Eugene V Rostow in claiming, "The cold war was caused by the USSR's 'imperial appetite'", it is crucial to understand why revisionists like the celebrated William A. Williams would argue the opposite. Soviet policies between 1945 and 1949 did play an essential role to the build up and outbreak of the tension between the USSR and USA, but not to the extent of ...view middle of the document...

Those who reiterate that the Soviet Union was greedy and expansive, a new fascist Germany on the rise, cannot present a firm case against the countries' intent at the post-war conferences, where all of the conflict in the Cold War surfaced.Even so, evidence that the USSR's policies triggered more dissention can be found in Salami Tactics (c.1945) wherein Soviet leader Stalin pressured all the eastern European countries into Communist governments. The Hungarian Communist Rakosi's idea made it possible for the country to acquire influence over Albania, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany, somewhat respectively. This expansionist seeming tactic arose justifiable concern from the United States, but was not enough of an incentive for the political initiatives in the breaking down of diplomacy that soon followed.The breakdown of American-Soviet diplomacy was triggered and initiated by the US alone, as seen through the Fulton Speech, Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan. As Stalin himself commented on Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech of February 1946, in the Russian newspaper Pravda, "Mr. Churchill has called for a war on the USSR." Evidence that Churchill himself had formerly agreed upon Stalin's claims for the eastern European is existent and President Truman's support for supposed democracy and freedom is juxtaposed by his hypocrisy in loyalty to a British empire that still held coercive colonial power over dozens of countries on almost every continent. Not only so, Truman's anti-Communist proof is also ostensibly loosely based around the Long Telegram which was sent by a limited source only a month prior, which boisterously accused Russians of being "determined to destroy the American way of life and will do everything they could to oppose America." The acerbic speech was closely followed by the Truman Doctrine in which the President staked American responsibility in the protection of the people's freedom, ways of life, and the process of " work[ing] out their own destiny" and presented the idea of 'containment'. Again, America's obvious economic and selfish motivation is masqueraded and the honorable duty to interfere in any foreign countries' politics as the US sees fit is implied. Hypocritical and unconstructive diplomacy as such were surely bound to upset any country in question, rousing tension and stagnation in relationship, not to mention a somewhat already xenophobic government like that of the Soviet Union.Lastly, ortho...


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2281 words - 10 pages Eisenhower to visit the Soviet Union for a summit.Bay of PigsBy 1959, Fidel Castro and his rebels were able to establish their own regime in Cuba. Americans soon became hostile to this new government when it became apparent that Castro endorsed the Soviets. He declared his intentions of supporting guerrilla movements against US backed dictatorships throughout Latin America and seized US assets in Cuba. He also established friendly relations with the

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1179 words - 5 pages families built fallout shelters. These shelters were made of steel and built to withstand direct bomb strikes. These shelters were almost like small homes, with restrooms, beds, storage, and food supplies.The most tense of all periods in the Cold War was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. U.S. reconnaissance photos showed Soviet nuclear launch sites in Cuba. This resulted in a terrifying standoff, known as the closest the world has ever gotten to

Three Main Events That Caused The Escalation Of The Cold War Up To The Berlin Blockade

933 words - 4 pages the Marshall Plan had a deeper impact in the deterioration of relations between East and West.So overall in my opinion there were three main events that helped in the escalation of the Cold War. First there is the Potsdam Conference where the first disagreements started to arise. Second there was the Fulton, Missouri speech given by Churchill, which made the call for firmer action by the West against the threat of communism. Third the Marshall Plan

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3136 words - 13 pages dying and blacks surviving, led tothe erroneous medical belief that whites could not work without getting sick,so only blacks should work.12 This still lead to white deaths, but also racism.These treks usually ran into malaria, yellow fever, and sleeping sickness.And once these scourges were introduced to Europe and America, theycouldn't be stopped, and ran unchecked for years. So now we are doing thesame thing in the rainforests of Brazil.13

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682 words - 3 pages Free and the USSR were showing some extreme behavior against each other. The conflict of Communism vs. Capitalism soon became grew importance.The beginning of the Cold War is not easy to set up. Although Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech in 1946 may seem like the start of the war but it is considered not to be one. Even though being a hero of World War II, Winston Churchill, as the ex-Prime Minister of England, held no official political

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1937 words - 8 pages ). It did more harm to the area than good yet US reputation was on the line so problems were not addressed and money continued to drown in the project. It was left unfinished when the Soviet troops entered Afghanistan. US efforts turned to funding resistance fighters instead of continuing infrastructure development. When the Taliban government came to power they spent five years finishing the dammed project only to have the United States return to

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583 words - 3 pages The United States of the 19th century and the United States of the 20th century differ a great deal. In most of the 19th century, the US was isolationist and did not get involved much in the affairs of the world. However, by the start of the 20th century, the US began to get involved a greater amount in world affairs. The Spanish-American War (1898) established the United States as a world power and caused the US to follow the path of

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2116 words - 9 pages standing up to Hitler had been. Poland and Eastern Germany had sunk behind Churchill's "˜Iron Curtain'.The origins of the Cold War were not only centred on Europe though. The controversy between America and Russia also concerned the western Pacific, and during 1946, a new war breaking out became an imminent threat. In Manchuria, Iran, Turkey, and obviously Europe, the American and Russian military forces confronted each other, and on several

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476 words - 2 pages Cuba had a major role in the development of the Cold War. In 1962 Cuba becomes a communist country bringing up tension between the island and the US. In 1962, the Missile Crisis and the foreign policy of the USSR increased the existing tension to a crucial point.In 1961 after a long period of mutual help between Cuba and the USSR, Fidel Castro declares officially that the island will be ruled under the doctrines of communism; it is at the time

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1501 words - 7 pages the only remaining Allied force in 1940 was able to continue the fight against Germany. If Britain had not survived Operation Sealion, it is possible that the US may not have declared war on Germany and fought only the Japanese. Yet due to the persuasion of Churchill, fresh from an unsuccessful German attack, America chose to enter the war on behalf of Europe and was a resultant force in the defeat of Hitler. On the other hand it could be seen

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458 words - 2 pages Although the odds were against Israel, they managed to defeat the Arabs and benefit from the wards because of their strengths and Arab weaknesses. Israel was successful because they were organized and disciplined and they had help from foreign powers.Arabs didn't want to recognize the state of Israel. During the war of 1948-9, the Arab states were weak and divided. Their defeat was because of their poor leaders and they had no planned attack

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2355 words - 10 pages societies who on proclamation of a Holy war, by the Sharif of Mecca, would disaffect, and form a mighty appendage to the allied forces against the Ottomans .Both premises were wrong. McMahon could not grant Hussein the unconditional independence of the Arab countries; in fact, he was indisposed to grant anything, "McMahon, an experienced bureaucrat had seen the need to be completely noncommittal". It was quite evident to McMahon that concessions would

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1257 words - 6 pages The Cold War Did Not Become a Truly Global Conflict Until After the Cuban Missile Crisis: The statement allows us to examine the development of the Cold War by exploring how regional conflicts expanded into global Cold war orientating the examination around the Cuban missile crisis so as to conclude how accurate the statement is. Theodore Sorensen states, ‘When, in the late 1940's, we faced a global Cold War against another system of ideological

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3458 words - 14 pages expenditure accounted for 47.6% of total healthcare expenditure. Comparison of UK Health spending against other Comparison of UK Health spending against other countries. countries. (Latest available official data from 2013).(Latest available official data from 2013). The introduction of market forces to the NHS.The introduction of market forces to the NHS. The NHS was created following a period of innovation boosted by the UK war

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491 words - 2 pages Reagan, Russia, and the cold war (Includes some citations)The cold war was a post-World War II struggle between the United States and itsallies and the group of nations led by the Soviet Union. Direct military conflict did notoccur between the two superpowers, but intense economic and diplomatic struggleserupted. Different interests led to mutual suspicion and hostility in a rising philosophy. The United States played a major role in the ending