The Various Tales Of How To Get Through Ap Eng Lake Stevens High School Essay

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1. Structures of Balance (Test 1)
· Parallelism Similarity of structure in a pair or series of related words, phrases, or clauses.
· Isocolon Parallelism that has equal length, structure, or symmetry.
· Tricolon Three parallel elements of the same length occurring together.
· Antithesis Juxtaposition of contrasting ideas (often in parallel structure).
· Climax Generally, the arrangement of words, phrases, or clauses in an order of increasing importance, often in parallel structure.
2. Reference to One Thing as Another (Test 1)
· Metaphor Reference to one thing as another, implying a comparison.
· Simile Explicit comparison of one thing to another.
· Synecdoche A whole is represented by naming one of its parts.
· Metonymy Reference to something or someone by naming one of its attributes.
· Personification Reference to abstractions or inanimate objects as though they had human qualities or abilities.
1. Omission (Test 3)
· Ellipsis Omission of a word or words readily implied by context.
· Asyndeton Omission of conjunctions between a series of clauses.
· Brachylogia Omission of conjunctions between a series of words or phrases.
· Polysyndeton Opposite of asyndeton, a superabundance of conjunctions
· Overstatement/Understatement (Test 3)
· Hyperbole Use of exaggerated terms for emphasis or effect.
· Auxesis Reference to something with a name disproportionately greater than its nature (a kind of hyperbole).
· Litotes Understatement by denying something contrary to what one means
· Meiosis Understatement. Reference to something with a name disproportionately lesser than its nature.
· Semantic Inversions (Test 3)
· Rhetorical Question Asking a question for a purpose other than obtaining the information requested.
· Irony Using language in such a way as to convey a meaning opposite of what the terms used denote (often by exaggeration).
· Oxymoron Placing two ordinarily opposing terms adjacent to one another. A compressed...

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