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The Warren Commission Concluded That Lee Harvey Oswals, Acting Alone, Killed President Kennedy. Do You Agree? Support You Answer With Evidence

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On Friday 22nd November 1963, President Kennedy arrived in Dallas. From here he headed to the Dealey Plaza where he was suppose to have lunch and make a speech to many local officials and businessmen. Unfortunately, at 12:30pm he was fatally shot by someone, and was taken straight to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where a team of doctors tried their best to keep the president alive, however at 1p.m. Kennedy was announced to be dead by Dr. Kemp Clark.A week after the President's death the Warren Commission was set up to find out what exactly happened in the assassination of the U.S. President and ten months later they Warren Commission produced a report with the conclusion that Lee Harvey ...view middle of the document...

Another interesting thing was that Oswald's marksmanship was "rather poor shot to fairly good shot" and he had only just qualified for the Maine's lowest grade in marksmanship and the rifle he chose was a Mannlicher-Carcano- a rifle known for its many problems and often referred to as "Crudely made, poorly designed, dangerous and inaccurate" because it was slow(due to the bolt between each shot), the bolt and trigger were stiff and "the telescopic sight could not be properly aligned with the target" as written by J. Edgar Hoover(Director of the F.B.I.) In addition to this the bullets fired from a Mannlicher-Carcano have a comparatively low penetration power and there were great quantities of bad ammunition for this type of rifle- and as noted by a secret service agent "it is difficult to hit your target when you are using stale ammunition." So why could Oswald who was already very hopeless at using a gun use a very inefficient gun to assassinate the president? If he really wanted to kill the president would he have not used something more efficient so that the chance's of his shots hitting the president and actually fatally wounding him were greater?The idea that only 3 bullets were fired is now proven wrong thanks to Dallas police tapes, recovered in 1978 which indicated that 4 shots had been fired. These Dallas police tapes came from the microphone, mounted on one of the motorcycles which escorted the motorcases, which had picked up the sounds in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination. These sounds which had been collected on a dictabelt( a recording of police transmission) were analysed by experts who were able to distinguish 4 rifle shots as well as the timing of the shots and their direction. It was concluded by these experts that "four shots, over a total period of 7.91 seconds were fired at the Presidential limousine. The first second and third came from the Depository; the third came from the Grassy Knoll."These Dallas police tapes also prove that there must have been someone at the Grassy Knoll who shot the third shot, meaning Oswald hadn't worked alone-someone else at the Grassy Knoll was working with him. The idea that there had been no conspiracy is very easily disproved due to the fact that the warren commission, F.B.I., secret service agents and the government itself helped to cover up the truth; key witnesses of the assassination who were overlooked by the Warren Commission, and the alteration medical evidence which was exhibited by the Warren Commission.Also the Texas School Book Depository was behind the presidential car. So if Oswald had fired the fatal shot that blew up the president's brains it would have come from the back. However, the Zapruder Film, clearly shows Kennedy getting hit from the front. The fact that he is hit from the front is further proved when Kennedy is flung backwards and then forwards due to the force of the bullet hitting him from the front-if he had been hit from the back he would have been flung...

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