The Woman Behind Fision: An Abridged Biography Of Lise Meitner

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Born in Vienna in 1878, Lise Meitner was one of eight children; her father was among the first group of Jewish men to practice law in Austria. As with Marie Curie (but rare for a woman at the turn of the century), the intellectual atmosphere that surrounded her as a child nurtured her scientific inclination. She had a "marked bent" for mathematics as well, and adopted Madame Curie and Florence Nightingale as her heroines. The shy, quiet, young woman convinced her father to let her study with a private tutor to prepare her for university study. She easily passed the entrance examination to the University of Vienna. With her usual passion, Lise attended every possible lecture--both in ...view middle of the document...

Because of her growing reputation, Lise was offered an assistant professorship at the Max Planck Institute. However, prejudice surfaced when the press mistitled her opening lecture on cosmic physics as "Problems in Cosmetic Physics." Unperturbed, Lise and Otto continued their efforts to understand radioactivity.Obviously, there were many barriers to women in academics at the turn of the century. Not even a doctorate seemed to help Lise Meitner. After she landed her position with Otto Hahn, she periodically suffered small incidents of rudeness, as when colleagues would acknowledge Herr Hahn in the corridors without even a nod for the young woman. Later, the editors of an encyclopedia contacted the knowledgeable Professor Meitner about an article on radioactivity. They were anxious for her article until they found out she was a woman. To Lise, these samples of chauvinism were annoyances, but did little to dampen her energy for expermentation.In an attempt to do her part in World War I, Lise signed up as an X-ray technician and was assigned to a field hospital. (On the other side of the hostilities, Madam Curie was doing similar work for her country.) In her mind, the war was an inconvenient, and sad, break in her experiments just as she and Hahn had hit on the idea of isotopes. After the war, they were able to announce their discovery of the 91st element, protactinium. Lise's reputation grew and she was appointed to an assistant professorship at the University of Berlin. Later she headed up the Radioactivity-Physics department at the Institute of Dahlem. Then Rutherford announced that he had managed to chip off particles from the nucleus of atoms. Chadwick followed with his discovery of neutrons, and Bohr was busy constructing models of the atoms. Nuclear physics was buzzing just as the Nazi's took power. However, being a Jew, Lise had to eventually leave Germany. Niels Bohr helped her escape and arranged an appointment for her at the physics institute in Stockholm. Also, while exile saved her life, it cost her the Nobel Prize and a prominent niche in many annals of physics.It was in Kungälf during 1938 that Lise hit upon her most well-known discovery. The seeds of the discovery were sown earlier by four ot...


A Delve into the Man Behind Cognitive Development - A Biography of the Great Jean Piaget - Houston Community College - Dual Credit Psychology - Essay

1251 words - 6 pages Running head: A DELVE INTO THE MAN BEHIND COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT 1 A Delve into the Man Behind Cognitive Development A Biography of the Great Jean Piaget Abel Bunn Cirillo — D.C. PSYC-2301 April 26th, 2019 A DELVE INTO THE MAN BEHIND COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT 2 Abstract This paper biographies Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist who was renowned for his immense alms to the field of psychology, especially when concerning his emphasis on the adequate

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259 words - 2 pages Joe DiMaggio was an American baseball player, also known as Joltin' Joe, who is considered one of the greatest hitters and center fielders of ever. 1914 He was born Joseph Paul DiMaggio in Martinez, California. In 1932 to 1935 DiMaggio played with the minor league San Francisco Seals. 1936 he began his major league career as a center fielder with the New York Yankees of the American League. DiMaggio led the Yankees to nine World Series titles

The Killing Of The Unborn: This Essay Talks About The Physical And Emotional Repercussions That A Woman Can Encounter After Having An Abortion. It Includes The Works Cited

1105 words - 5 pages , "I am no counselor. I am no teacher. I am just a 20 year old woman who has experienced an abortion and its aftermath. Abortion may seem like the answer now, but later on down the road, you may find that it was the wrong answer." ( CitedMulier, Judy. "The Abortion is Long Over, but the Pain is Still There." Living World Magazine,1990Pamphlet: Stalteenberge, Ann. Every Woman has a Right to Know the Dangers of Legal Abortion. New Jersey: Air Plus Enterprise, 1987Christi's Choice. Director unknown. Videocassette. Life Dynamics Inc.,

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630 words - 3 pages , clothing brands. Such a glamorous topic with such an ugly story behind it. The fashion industry has incorporated disgusting ethics into their businesses by investing in outsourcing their products to be manufactured in developing countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh. The decisions made by the industry are harming society in many ways. These being by, not protecting workers, creating a sense of ignorance, and denying economic growth (Maloney, 2015

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1143 words - 5 pages behind sparked controversy and questions. Its specific statements and bipolar tone brought attention to forensics. Standing out was the quote, “we are a small foreign faction” (The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey) appearing to debunk a sense of power kidnappers usually manipulate families with. When studied, the linguistic profile had been proven to show a high writing ability, native english structure, an adult over thirty, and female characteristics

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993 words - 4 pages , influenced the actions of men through their physical appearance, then any woman who possessed this beauty would have a strong influence over any man, thus she would be in an advantageous position. There were also women who possessed beauty and divine power. With beauty alone, a woman could influence many men, but with the addition of divine abilities, a woman could control men's actions.This was the case with many of Homer's characters, such as Circe

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560 words - 3 pages , however he had used almost all of his money donating towards causes he had believed in. He had believed in learning, he had believed in reading, he had believed in peace, and he had believed in many more things. It is said that because of Carnegie, more than 2,800 library had been founded. He not only has an avid reader but a writer as well. Carnegie had written numerous articles and publications. One of his most famous works talk about how the

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1097 words - 5 pages recent decades there are still imperfection that need to be addressed. Victims of college stalking shouldn’t have to receive negative effects due to gender difference when it comes to crime. The way that gender is perceived with stalking is still an ongoing battle that every woman must face. College stalking is view as a vague crime which will probably remain vague until members of society come together and demand justice. Even in the justice system colllapse. It describes how colllapsed. The reasons behind its demise - university of wollongong - assignment

1028 words - 5 pages Keeling. The company grew at a very substantial rate, and accomplished a great deal in a short time. One.Tel’s dramatic up-rise and decline was caused due to lack of corporate governance including weaknesses in internal control, financial reporting, audit quality, unethical practices by auditors as well as directors. One-Tel, one of the ASX’s fastest growing companies, posted an operating loss of AU$291 million in the year of 2000, and ceased

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2767 words - 12 pages broad plains. The Romans therefore decided to withdraw to central Italy and await Hannibal who began to cross the Apennines in the spring of 217. The mountains again proved costly both to his army and personally to Hannibal, who lost the sight of one eye from an infection. The Roman consuls for 217, Gaius Flaminius and Servilius Geminus, had stationed themselves at Arretium and Ariminum to guard both possible routs, west and east, by which Hannibal

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1436 words - 6 pages cause or belief, then his fight has purpose. Yet, I was still convinced that I was a coward.Two friends and I were at a corner market in lower Ontario. Rusty and I were sitting in the car ( Rusty in the back seat ) with the windows and doors open, while Dustin was a few feet in front of us talking to Tony on the payphone. In my rear view mirror, I thought nothing of an older car, white two door Oldsmobile Cutlass leaving. The car had gone off the

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478 words - 2 pages Narrative of William W. Brown, A Fugitive SlaveWilliam W. Brown, the author, describes the life of a slave in his narrative. Along with the narrative, there is a song that is representative of the slave woman's mourning. It really affected him to see this woman go through so much pain and suffering, and be told she cannot keep her child. In this piece, with the use of the song, Brown is able to provide the reader with a more vivid image of what

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979 words - 4 pages Free light represents the pure reality, the inner truth of what human beings are, even if that truth bears a "heart of darkness".There is an ironic contrast developed between the two women through Kurtz's painting that he left behind at the central station. The picture showed "a woman, draped and blindfolded, carrying a lighted torch. The background was sombre, almost black. The movement of the woman was stately, and the effect of the torchlight on the

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939 words - 4 pages workplace, only benefits. George is the oldest and I am the youngest. Some of the benefits that are received from George are due to his wide span of knowledge. George is an ordained minister and has his PHD in engineering. George has created a medical company along with the property management one and he also has a farm. He brings so much to the office because of his age and long time gaining of different aspects of life. I am able to counteract

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3532 words - 15 pages 207 An Analysis of the Main Causes of the Holodomor Yiwei Cheng The 1932-33 Ukrainian Famine has always been a very controversial topic in Ukrainian history. Scholars generally blame Stalin and his rural collectivization policy. The lack of agricultural machinery, ineffective organization and the awkward relations between the village officials and local peasants all contributed to the famine. By using both Ukrainian and Western documents, this