The Wonderful World Of Water Essay

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Picture this… it's been a long day and you just got home from soccer practice. After continuous running, difficult drills, and conditioning, you're totally exhausted and you're so hot you could practically fill a bathtub with your sweat. Right now all you want to do is grab something to drink and take a cold shower. So you open the refrigerator to refresh yourself with an ice cold drink when you reach a problem - should you grab a water bottle or a can of soda? Your problem's solved my friend! Take the water bottle, I guarantee you'll be glad you did.Water is by far ...view middle of the document...

Last but not least, it keeps your body hydrated, which is very necessary considering many people become dehydrated without even knowing. If you couldn't tell by now, water's an all around great thing to drink.On the other hand, you have soda. Soda can simply be summed up as sugar and carbonation. Because of its high sugar contents, it's very high in fat and calories. And just because diet sodas don't have any calories, doesn't mean that they are healthy. In truth, neutra sweet, which is found in diet sodas, is very bad for you. Also, sugar is very bad for your teeth, and can even cause them to rot. Soda also contains a gas called carbonation, which can make you bloated and possibly gain weight. Why would u ever want to drink soda when it's nothing but bad for you? Next time you're looking for a drink to refresh you, think about your options. On one hand you have a cold, thirst quenching, no-calorie refreshment called water, and on the other hand you have a sickening sweet, sticky drink that does nothing but rot your teeth and make you feel sick to your stomach. It should be obvious by now on what's the best drink for you. I can assurance you that water will meet all your needs in a drink, so what are you wanting for… go get yourself a drink of water.

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