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The World Without Cars Essay

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The invention of the automobile in the early 1900's was one of the many great inventions during that time. Cars have enabled our nation to grow and develop. Life without cars would cause the world to be a completly different place. The loss of cars would affect transportation, the economy, health, cultural development and the environment. Transportation would greatly be affected if we ...view middle of the document...

Life of everyday Americans would be slowed down. Children getting to school and employees getting to work would be a much harder task. The economy would be hurt if we did not have cars. Manufacturers would have a harder time transporting their goods. Another way of moving goods from city to city would need to be found. Also, cultural development would be affected if their were no cars. There would be more room for people to walk and cities wouldn't be so compact. The environment is a major factor in the life of every human. Cars greatly harm our environment. If we did not have cars our environment would be much better. We would not have as big of a threat to skin cancer due to the loss of the o-zone by polution from our cars. This polution also affects our water. In conclusion, the loss of automobiles in the world today would greatly affect the world. Many bad things would result from this such as transportation, the economy, cultural development and health. Although, not having cars would be hard, it would be very good for our environment.

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