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What is the historical and ongoing significance of the Railroad Crossing in Corinth, MS?
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The historical and ongoing significance of the railroad crossing in Corinth MS is what they used it for. The rail roads were used in many ways based on the situations in Corinth, the Civil War, military situations, and many others. During the Civil War, the railroad in Corinth was a crucial element because it ran north, south, east, and west.
“Corinth was always been a good location for commerce due to its strategic location along the railway.” The crossroads in Corinth Mississippi had a great significance back in the years because the railroads were a source for everybody in Corinth and everyone else around them. The crossroads were used in many ways. They were used to transport food, materials, and a lot of other things. The main purpose of the railroads during that time was to transport guns, people, ammo, military things, food, and everything they needed. In that time, they were having problems and they were in war, so they needed the used the railroads to transport all of what they needed. Thanks to that, they were one step ahead of the enemy.
The development of the railroads was one of the most important in the industrial revolution. Over the past 50 years, America saw that constructing railroads was a good thing because trains would help to transfer things from place to place quickly and could cross the country easily, so they started to build bridges and other structures on which trains would run. The importance of the railroads took place in northeast Mississippi, and a lot of inhabitants got involve when the civil war began, a lot of people die, soldiers and civil innocent people die during the civil war it damaged many houses, churches, and a lot of hotels converted into hospitals and many of habitants cared for the wounded.
The history of the civil war began years and years ago, and when the people notice that the railroads would cross there, the city’s fade was determined. In the 1850s when confederates saw that they were finishing the railroads it quickly became a target when the war began, because they knew that having railroads that could cross during the war would be an advantage for them because they could bring soldiers more guns, ammo and everything they needed to win the war so they had to do something to stop the railroads from going to side to side. The confederates added more men and materials to defend it.
The national railroad system it spread out the economy in different ways, at first it help the iron mining and industries to grow and a lot of railroads companies began use tracks of steel and they figure out that metal made stronger by adding carbon and other elements to refined iron, and the railroads not just help iron mines but also help other industries to thrive, the lumber...

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