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For those of you who don’t know, Cats: The Musical is back on Broadway. That’s right, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1982 smash hit classic. Cats has always been a divisive musical. People either absolutely love it and are super fans or can’t stand it and enjoy mocking its existence. To most, Cats is a very strange piece of theater and an even stranger phenomenon. It was is once the longest running musical on Broadway and one of the most internationally performed and translated musicals ever.
People who have not seen Cats often have a lot of questions about the musical. Are they all really cats? Do they walk on all fours? Is there a plot? Are there actual characters? Why are they reviving it? Who wants to see the show again? Do they still wear those awful bodysuit costumes?
Yes, they are cats and they walk on two legs but sometimes crawl. Surprisingly, there is a plot and there are very specific characters. Who consistently manages to steal the show, even in songs they are very memorable and enjoyable performances. These cats stand out from ensemble acro-cats, they are clearly more dancers than actors.
Since Cats first opened on the West End stage in 1981, it has become one of the world’s best known and best loved musicals. With a plot based on T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and award-winning music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. CATS, originally directed by Trevor Nunn, has since been presented in over 20 countries and in about 250 cities. The production ran for 18 years on Broadway, a record-setting 21 years in London, ...


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2752 words - 12 pages customers come back and enjoy another famous act. The theatre operated as the Gaumont until 1984 when Rank Organisations took over with intentions of turning it into a bingo hall, in his talk the CEO of the Mayflower Theatre Michael Ockwell continued to talk about the background of the organisation mentioning that there was a massive public outcry leading to a petition with over 100,000 signatures to stop Rank Organisations turning the theatre into a

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402 words - 2 pages . Instead, they carried masks with exaggerated facial expressions. They also wore leather boots laced up to the knees. There was little or no scenery. Most of the action in the play took place in the orchestra. Later on, as the importance shifted from the chorus to the characters, the action moved to the stage.As mentioned before, the tragedy was created in Athens, but it came about in the 4th and 5th centuries BC when Athens was bustling with

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3178 words - 13 pages Women, 39.] [4: Ferris, Acting Women, 40.] While it appears that actresses were making a mark on the European stages and gaining some respectability, actresses were never regularly employed. It was not until the 17th Century that women first appeared on the English and Parisian stages. The acceptance of women on stage was not due to the fact that society saw them as superior to boys. Historian Colley Cibber hypothesized that watching a woman play a

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1269 words - 6 pages Free what does Dionysus have to say after ruining the lives of his family? Nothing but blame on everybody but himself: You beheld him. You beheld his lies. His impudence. You beheld him when he tried to chain me and abused me and tried- and dared to try- to punish me. I am Dionysus! Behold me! (83) If you haven’t already, right here you get a true sense of just how egocentric this god among men is. The whole charade was never about his family because

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958 words - 4 pages sets of parents whose sons got into a schoolyard fight. The chaos that emerges from this situation challenges us to evaluate the realities of human communication and the nature of its relationship with human nature. I arrived at the Betts Theater to see God of Carnage with essentially no prior knowledge about the play I was there to see. I find that it’s often valuable to go into a show blind, as you enter without any preconceptions or biases

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1125 words - 5 pages the Hawaiian constitution goes into much more detail about civil liberties. Like the Declaration of Independence, but not directly stated in the U.S. Constitution, Hawaiians are guaranteed the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As noted in the previous paragraph, equal rights between the sexes are also guaranteed. This is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution after the Equal Rights Amendment failed to gain approval from the

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855 words - 4 pages random guy Sly just for fun. Let’s be honest – you can’t expect some epic drama after realizing that rich Lord suddenly decided to play a little game with passed out drunk tinker. In most the cases we are used to laugh or make fun of drunk people, their language and actions. Here Shakespeare introduces us to Christopher Sly who almost simultaneously enters the play and falls asleep after having too much beer in local alehouse: “Third, or fourth

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472 words - 2 pages houses and is one of our favourite pet animals. The cat’s body is covered with soft, silky hair and has four short legs and sharp claws hidden in the fleshy pads. Cats seldom make any noise while walking or running. Cats have bright eyes and they can even see in the dark. Cat is found all over the world and milk is cats favourite. Many people keep cats as their pets to scare away the mice. But unlike dogs, cats are selfish and dishonest. Cats even

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1544 words - 7 pages English essay  The play considers both large and small events in life  The play ‘Boy Overboard’ by Patricia Cornelius addresses the large and small events that take  place in a child or adult’s life living in Afghanistan DURING THE TALIBAN ERA. IT EXPLORES  THE POOR LIVING CONDITIONS AND THE VIOLATION OF HUMAN LIBERTIES OF ALL  CITIZENS AND PARTICULARLY WOMEN AND GIRLS. In the grand scheme of things, the  smaller events seem to turn into or

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817 words - 4 pages family and that was the most important thing to her. When starting this project, I began by putting information into the family search website. When doing this I realized there were no records of my family members who have passed. Receiving this information, I chose a simpler route by asking my grandma who was the oldest member of our family. This led me to Dorothy. Interviewing her was so interesting and learning about her life growing up was very