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Response Throughout this section, Sam undergoes many obstacles and problems as he struggles to reach a high standard of living. When Dr. Bledsoe sent him to New York, where he could learn to use his sense of judgement and be independent, Sam failed at several jobs. He was suspicious, though, that his bosses in New York, along with Dr. Bledsoe, were part of one big plan to keep him going. The dream's significance to the novel is partially revealed when he reads Dr. Bledsoe's letter addressed to one of his bosses stating that he was never to return to the college. Sam believed there was a ...view middle of the document...

By attempting to share their hatred for the Jews since it was the only acceptable attitude during the war, Schindler was robbed of his own personal feelings and opinions, thus hiding his true identity. Both men try achieving power and success by meeting society's expectations.The important themes presented in this section are judgement, identity, and perseverance. It is because of Sam's lack of judgment, when he brought Mr. Norton to the slave quarters and Golden Gate, that he was sent to Harlem. Dr. Bledsoe's goals for Sam (that are revealed so far) are for him to gain a good moral sense of judgment and independence in moving to Harlem. The question is, will he succeed? It is apparent that Sam is hiding his identity throughout this section as he tries to fit in with society. He displayed to the reader his true thoughts and feelings when he showed that he was against Battle Royal since it robbed him of his dignity, even though he went along with it to fit in with the other participants. Schindler showed his true identity the reader by the friends he made. He secretly favored the Nazi officials who were kinder to the Jews, thus displaying his negative feelings towards the Nazi regime. Perseverance is also a major factor in Sam's life. He displays his perseverance to gain high status through his continuous job struggles. He realizes that it is an important attribute to have in order to be successful.

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