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For Essay 4, now that you understand the conversation in the public sphere, research what academic scholars and experts are saying about your chosen issue. Investigate the research question you arrived at in Essay 3. Review credible academic and professional sources in an attempt to answer your research question, arriving at a clear, complex, debatable thesis. Your goal is to support this thesis with research and critical analysis. THIS IS NOT A REPORT! Along with a thesis, this paper must also have a clear purpose other than just to inform readers about the topic.  You may want to see the Public Resonance questions on pages 445-446 as well as Point of Contact prompts on pages 439-441 of CEL for help focusing your question. 
Please include the following items in your paper:
· A clear thesis, whether stated or implied
· Support for your thesis using evidence, reasoning, and critical analysis
· At least five credible sources used as support (at least one primary source; at least two academic sources; at least two popular sources)
· A bibliography following either MLA or APA format 
· At least one direct quote from each of five outside sources within the body of your paper
· Correct formatting and documentation according to either MLA or APA standards
For this essay, you will submit a research question, a working annotated bibliography of sources you plan to use, and a complete rough draft of your paper for peer review as well. The grading breakdown is as follows:
Body of paper (clear thesis, sufficient support/evidence, effective conclusion)
100 points
Correct MLA/APA formatting throughout (heading, header, title, spacing, margins)
10 points
At least 5 direct quotes, properly cited according to MLA or APA
20 points
Accurate bibliography according to MLA or APA
15 points
Submit research question on due date below
15 points
Submit annotated bibliography of sources on due date below
20 points
Submit thorough rough draft on due date below
20 points
200 points
Research question due: Monday, October 24
Annotated bibliography of sources due: Friday, November 4
Rough draft due: Monday, November 14
Final draft due: Wednesday, November 23
Paper length: 5-7 pages
Value of assignment: 30% of final grade
My paper started off as more of a report about domestic violence and the general facts about domestic violence. I'm going to spin it a little bit in the direction of law enforcement. My question is about their training on how to deal with it, what are the factors in their decision making  factors and their responses to domestic violence. This started off as something very personal I am trying to turn it into a better research paper by removing most of my personal life. I'm hoping to get a better perspective on the situation as a whole not just the factual side of the reasoning behind it.
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