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Friendship is a strong bond between two or more people that allows on another
to gain each others trust and moral support. This type of relationship is portrayed in a lot
of books, movies, and TV shows, to allow people to look up to them and grow with their
own friendships. Out of all of the themes in the book ​The Death Cure, ​I think this theme
is portrayed the most because they have to learn to trust each other and know that they
will all be their for one another. This can be a very hard thing to do because, like in the
book, if someone has been lied to all their life, it is hard to trust anyone and choose who
you trust. In the book ​The Death Cure, ​the theme is friendship, which is shown toward
Thomas through the characters Newt, Teresa, and Minho.
Newt is a strong character that a lot of people in the series look up too, but he
also looks up to others as well. He is the type of character that wants everyone to be
safe and worries about the long term effect more than the short term. He is friends with
all of the characters from the maze and from group B and he gets along with all of them.
“He was surprised at his own reaction, hadn’t realized just how much Newt meant to
him until he heard the declaration.” Page 27. This quote shows how much Newt has
affected Thomas’s life because he was devastated when he found out that his friend
had a disease called the flare. It messes with the brain and eventually takes over your
body and turns you into a psycho and nobody can control it. Newt was always the calm
person in the group, so Thomas can’t even imagine watching him go crazy and he
doesn’t want to losing another friend. Newt has always been there for Thomas and now
that he has the flare Thomas realizes that he won’t be there for him for much longer.
Teresa was Thomas’s first friend and they grew very close within a short period
of time. Throughout this whole book Thomas doesn’t trust Teresa because he believes
that she betrayed them and was working for a group called W.I.C.K.E.D that they have
been trying to escape from this whole time. She was trying to convince Thomas that she
did everything for a reason and she just wanted him to be safe, but he never believed
her. “He watched hypnotized, as it fell toward him. Teresa appeared in the corner of him
vision, her image barely discernible through the clogged air. Her body slammed into his,
shoving toward the maintenance room. His mind emptied as he stumbled backward and
fell, just as the huge piece of the building landed on top of Teresa, pinning her body...”
Page 317. This quote shows how much they care for each other because Teresa
sacrificed herself for Thomas because a part of the ceiling was falling towards him. She
would have rather had her die instead of him die because she wouldn’t be able to live
with herself if she didn’t do anything about it when she could have. She wanted to show
him that she wasn’t the person he thought she was and that she is the person he used
to know.
Minho is the sarcastic friend that acts tough all the time, but he really does care
about everyone, just doesn’t want anyone to know. He has a harder time with trust than
most of the people in the book, but the two people he has always trusted was Thomas
and Newt. This shows the level of friendship they each have because Minho trusts
them. He also wants to make it out of W.I.C.K.E.D’s grasp and away from the flare with
all of his friends alive and well. “Thomas looked his friend in the eye and waited for a
response. Minho didn’t answer for a long time. ‘Fine,’ he finally said. ‘But if you die I will
not ​be happy.’” Page 216. This quote shows that Minho does have a caring side
because he wants to help Thomas as much as he can and he doesn’t want anymore of
his friends to die. Thomas was choosing one person to go with him out to the city,
where all of the psycho people are, and he didn’t pick Minho. He was devastated that
Thomas didn’t pick him and he argued for a while so he could change his mind, but he
didn’t. All he wanted was to keep his friends safe and alive and he couldn’t do that if he
wasn’t with them.
In the book ​The Death Cure, ​the theme is friendship, which is shown toward
Thomas through the characters Newt, Teresa, and Minho. They have known each other
for more than two years, but they can only remember the last two years. They have
been through alot together which allowed them time to grow closer together. Thomas
and those three have always had each others back and trust and that is the key to
having a good friendship.

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