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Assignment 2A: Essay-Crime event
A Discussion of Theoretical perspectives in the crime event of Momena Shoma
The objective of this essay is to explain the cause of a crime event through the lens of two sociological theoretical perspectives. This essay will discuss the fundamental principles of the social process theory and the social structure theory in order to explore the crime event of Momena Shoma.
The crime event article that will be discussed in this essay is named "I had to do it: Woman to plead guilty to Islamic-inspired stabbing" (Cooper, 2018). Momena Shoma (25) a Bangladeshi national came to Australia under the guise of a student visa with the intention of killing in the name of the Islamic state (Cooper, 2018). Shoma admitted to police that she stabbed Rodger Singaravelu on the afternoon of February 9, after moving into his home the previous night. Mr. Singaravela was having a nap next to his daughter when he was suddenly awoken from a sharp stabbing pain in his neck, he then saw Shoma holding a knife and repeatedly shouting the phrase "Allah Akbar", an Islamic phrase meaning God is the greatest (Morris, 2018). Shoma said she intended the stabbing to be fatal in order to appease Allah. Mr. Singaravelu suffered injuries to his spine and hand as a result of the attack (Morris, 2018).
An explanation for the crime committed by Shoma may be found through the tenets of the social process theory. This theory proposes that Criminality is the result of an individual's interactions with various organisations, institutions, and processes within society (Siegel, 2015). Shoma's actions can be explored through the sub-theory known as the Social learning theory. The fundamental premise of this theory states that criminality is the result of learned behaviours, it is a function that suggests deviant attitudes and behaviours are taught, highlighting the assumption that people are born good and learn to be bad (Sigel, 2018). Shoma, a devout Muslim was radicalised through the teachings of extremist preachers and Islamic State jihadists. The internet is being used by Isis and such groups as a means of recruiting young and impressionable people used to reinforce extremist views and act as an echo chamber (Awan, 2017). Shoma stated she had regular contact with terror groups via Facebook, which was encouraging her and other Muslims to carry out Jihadist attacks in the west. The morning of the stabbing Shoma said she had downloaded a video from the Islamic state media centre, titled "war of flames" (Morris, 2018). When asked why she stabbed Mr. Singaravelu, she said: "If I didn't do it I will be sinful, punished by Allah" (Morris, 2018). It is evident that Shoma's behaviour was learned through her interactions with terror groups as well as watching hate propaganda conducted by such groups. It is unlikely Shoma shared such radical views but rather was groomed and brainwashed into thinking that the attitu...


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