Theory Of Knowledge Think Piece Hillsboro High School, Nashville, Theory Of Knowledge Essay

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Dylan Rubin
Think piece #1
How does personal knowledge become shared knowledge?
Knowledge is a universal concept that everyone want to gain more of and have. There are
different avenues of discovery of knowledge, and there 2 common types of knowledge: personal
knowledge and shared knowledge. In this essay, I’ll examine which of these avenues of
discovery I rely on the most, how personal knowledge becomes shared knowledge and how
shared knowledge becomes personal knowledge.
One of the avenues of discovery I rely on the most is intuition. In many instances when
there’s an important, hard decision I have to make I’ll often go off of my instinctive feeling.
Intuition is going off of instinct since it’s the ability to understand something immediately. I’ll
often find myself using intuition when I have to go off of my morals in certain situations.
Another avenue of discovery I use a lot is memory. When I’m in situations similar to situations
I’ve been in before, I’ll often decide what decision to make based off of what happened last time
in that situation. For example, when I was in middle school I went to the cafeteria and had eaten
some green beans as my side. A little bit later I started feeling sick as if there was something bad
in the green beans, and I regretted eating them. The next time I went through that line and saw
those green beans, I immediately passed on them and had a different side. That’s just one of
many examples where I’ve used memory as one of my main avenues of discovery, and I think it
can be applied to many situations since we can earn from our memories & past experiences.
Personal knowledge can become shared knowledge in many different forms. For
example, any author tha...


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