There Are Over Millions Of Robots In The World That Created A Great Universal Purpose. U Of M Scms There Are Over Millions Of Robots In The

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Deema Hujeir
Technology Paper
SCMS – 4510 – 001
Dr. Bradford Eichhorn
November 23, 2018
There are over millions of robots in the world that created a great universal purpose. Whether we realize it or not, robotics plays a big role in making our daily lives better because robots are much faster, easier, more accurate, uncomplaining, and tireless. Nowadays using robotics is more efficient and capable of serving humans in a much more diverse way.
One of the great advantages of robotics is the ability to replace human workers in dangerous jobs and positions. Today robots are controlled by humans are everywhere, but it is still limited and is mainly used in car production factories. With the use of AI in robots, cars can be successfully assembled and cop with heavy objects such as car engines and frames without the need of human assistance. AI in robotics can do many tasks as we know and every day, we are learning more about it from self-driving cars, stock trading, to taking over some dangerous jobs, but people are beginning to worry that too much AI might lead us to jobless futures? The idea of robots is not to take over our jobs, it is there to make it easier and risk free. It is very simple model if AI in robots that it is able to replace humans in dangerous jobs. For example, sorting trash is a very dangerous job due to toxics that can come from it, but the idea of robots taking over a is excellent because it reduces the risk of some employees being contaminated and sick which can lead to death. So, having AI sorting trash is also a great way to recycle and it is just...


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