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There is no place like home. Who has not at one time in their life or another, felt a certain bond with a place in which they have lived? The answer is probably not many people. Meanwhile, there are many different opinions about place called home and I will try to discuss its main advantages.Some people think that home is only a setting ...view middle of the document...

The main priority for creating a positive psychological atmosphere is treating a particular place as your refuge from all possible moral or physical disasters.Another strong point is that our home is our native land, a place or country in which our ancestors dwell or dwelt. It is very important, because the roots of our nation always symbolize stability and feeling of safety. In addition, you can easily create a cozy atmosphere when being at home in your native country and feel an entire member of nowadays society. Otherwise, without your place to stay, you can never feel happy as being some kind of intruder to other's personal space.In conclusion, I want to emphasize that home is always an incomparable place to spend your time as you never have to be accountable to someone. There will never be a better place as home, because it is not only your native land, it is also your refuge.


Robert C. Noble's, There is No Safe Sex

296 words - 2 pages Dr. Noble believes handing out condoms in high school to control STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is inadequate given the consequences. That "Safe Sex" is a myth. Many people believe that giving condoms to high school students will protect them from STD's. Relying on his years of experience as an infectious disease physician, Dr. Noble is reluctant to agree.Dr. Noble has found that people lie or just do not offer their medical condition to

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475 words - 2 pages Hello Dr. Gentner, Week Two 1-on-1 Evaluation Evaluator- JaKedria Robinson Critiquing- Brittany Valle Brittany and I simulated our second consultation session. This session was our second meeting but the start of getting to the root to why Brittany seek out performance consulting services. At the star of every session, I read a little disclosure for iteration of the patient-to-client confidentiality privileges and mandated reporting. With

Definition Essay about what home feels like to me - English/Comm College - Essay

1073 words - 5 pages and an illuminating encounter to illustrate the struggles of people who don't have homes. Through this, she explains that a home is not merely the physical shelter that protects a person from the elements. Home is a place where you can be comfortable and at peace, and that’s a feeling that no amount of money can buy. Without it, a person can lack a daily routine, the ability to stay grounded, and can even lose touch with themselves. Quindlen sheds

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1011 words - 5 pages Burning down love And when I go there, I go there with you It's all I can do The city's a flood And our love turns to rust We're beaten and blown by the wind Trampled into dust I'll show you a place High on the desert plain Where the streets have no name, oh oh Where the streets have no name Where the streets have no name We're still building then burning down love Burning down love And when I go there, I go there with you It's all I can do Our love

To kill a mockingbird life sty Essay

438 words - 2 pages , they were to be proper and polite when she was rude to them, where in today's society, there is a possibility that the youth could be rude, and suffer no consequences.Hence, life for a youth in 1930's had a different lifestyle than young people today. Education was not as systematic, home and family life was dramatically foreign, and they had a trivial place in society. Times have changed since then, and they will in the coming years.

literary devices used "In the inner city" and in "the city's love" - ap lit - timed essay

563 words - 3 pages it’s not ideal. “In the inner city” it states “Our no place..and in the inner city or like we call it home.” This shows that even though the city for them is a “no place”, it’s still home. Similarly in “The city’s love”, it states “Forgetting that I was an alien guest, she bent to me, my hostile heart to win.” This exemplifies that the speaker also felt a sense of being at home because he describes it as forgetting that he was a guest. Most

Home schooling in America and the benefits. - Sociology - Essay

998 words - 4 pages America. A lot of students get bullied and not all of them get the justice they deserve, meaning that some situations get overlooked regardless of how serious it is. Because of that, most victims of bullying tend develop depression which could lead to various things like suicide, socially isolated and shooting up the school. Home schooling can be seen has a safe place where students most can feel comfortable and wouldn’t have to go through the

Zoos: prisons or santuaries? Zoos are just another prison

459 words - 2 pages A zoo is just another prisonYes, there are some zoos that are quite like safe havens to the animals they keep and sometimes to such an extent that they keep the animals from extinction. But what about the rest of them?Imagine being put in a place where you can barely move, where the sunlight rarely meets your eyes and where you can not call out to anyone who understands you or the restlessness inside you .Now imagine being left there for days

In my freshman year at Parsons, I was asked to share my most vivid memory with my class. - Wentworth Institute of Technology , entrance - Scholarship Essay

622 words - 3 pages Maine summer is melting through my living room windows; its warmth is just starting to grow. As I approach the window, I see a figure through the glowing mist. Dad! There was no hesitation, no shoes, from carpet to wood, through the door, to cement, stone, bark, all the way to the grass, leading me right to where I wanted to be. My Father would sit out in our field for hours painting our red barn and the land it melted into. It was a place we

This is about boyhood relationships

337 words - 2 pages boy, his father, and stepmother are building a house. This is where the boy met Cletus who immediately became his friend. In the passage the boy mentions that Cletus is almost like an imaginary playmate because whatever he wanted to do Cletus wanted to also. But also it is ironic because when kids make fun of the boy at school for what he said Cletus doesn't do anything to help the boy out. But when it was getting dark they decided to go home for


462 words - 2 pages Free faces two choices in the story of which she has to make a decision; she could leave home and maybe find happiness or stay at home with a life that she knew and people that she loved, even though that life was very hard for her. The fear of failing is as old as man can remember. It is an emotion like no other, a mental state that can make a person do anything for self-preservation. Although the story never specifically says Eviline is afraid

The Gathering Place, Alternative Assignment Child Life Specialist - n\a - essay

695 words - 3 pages Free that they would want to get these help benefits in a home-like condition, for example, the Gathering Place. There is a lot of potentials for child life to venture out more in nonprofit services. If there are any issues that affect children, families, and their lives could be a way where child life services are used. A Child Life Specialist could help families who have kids trying to manage any form of overpowering life circumstances. A rewarding

Prose Essay for the reference of Odyssey - Nobleton - Essay

601 words - 3 pages that a diadem sits upon her queen-like head. She is your captor, binding you with chains of compassion and tenderness, binding you to her wall of love, but you give no flack or feel the urge to resist, instead surrendering yourself towards the alms of her beauty. Your focus cannot be broken long enough to notice that there is a raft along the side of the shore… Though her beacon is loud, the ocean’s wailing refuses to quiet itself. The waves

This Essay Is A Brief History Of Rattle And Snap Plantation In Mt. Pleasant, TN. Describes Owners (Past And Present) And Other Information On The House

1726 words - 7 pages as well. George and Sallie named the home Rattle and Snap, in honor of the game that had won their father the land.The four brothers also founded St. John's Episcopal Church, which was built at the point where all four plantation intersected. St. John's was unusual in its day because it was a place where servants and family all worshipped together. All the Polk's are buried there, with the exception of Leonidas, who is buried in New Orleans. St

False Homecomings In The Odyssey

1010 words - 5 pages Free homecoming to foreshadow Odysseus' true homecoming.Throughout the Odyssey, Homer presents the reader with certain clues about what Odysseus feels his homecoming should (but not neccessarily will) be like. First of all, Odysseus wants to return to Ithaka. Homer goes as far as having Odysseus describe Ithaka: 'There is a mountain there that stands tall, leaf-trembling Neritos, and there are islands settled around it, lying one very close to another. There