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These Notes List The First 11 Presidents With Brief Reviews Of Their Presidencies

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A)George Washington (189-1797) ("Father of His Country")In 1789 George Washington ran against John Adams and John Jay. Washington was part of the Federalist Party. Between 1759 and 1788 Washington was also member to the House of Burgess, the Continental Congress and Chairman of the Constitutional Convention. His Cabinet members were as follows:Secretary of StatesJohn Jay (1789-90), Thomas Jefferson (1790-93), Edmund Randolph (1794-95)Secretary of TreasuryAlexander Hamilton (1789-95), Oliver Wolcott (1795-97)Secretary of WarHenry Knox (1789-94), Timothy Pickering (1795-96), James McHenry (1796-97)Attorney GeneralEdmund Randolph (1790-94), William Bradford (1794-95), Charles Lee ...view middle of the document...

His dentures were always made of cow or hippopotamus teeth, sometimes ivory and lead.B)John Adams (1797-1801) ("Atlas of Independence")In 1789 Adams ran for President. Even though he lost, he kept running every term until he got elected in 1796. Adams was part of the Federalist Party. Adams was also a member of the Continental Congress, the Commissioner to France, Minister to the Netherlands, Minister to England and Vice President. After his first term he ran again but failed. During hi presidency his cabinet members were as follows:Secretary of StateTimothy Pickering (1797-1800), John Marshall (1800-01)Secretary of the TreasuryOliver Wolcott (1797-1801), Samuel Dexter (1801)Secretary of WarJames McHenry (1797-1800), Samuel Dexter (1800-01)Attorney GeneralCharles Lee (1797-1801)Secretary of the NavyBenjamin Stoddert (1798-1801)During Adams Presidency there were only a few notable events that played significant roles in history. In 1796 the slogan "E Pluribus Unum"(Out of Many One) was added to American coins. In 1798 Federalists supported the highly unpopular Alien &Sedition Act, which they would later repeal. In 1800 the U.S. capital was relocated to Washington D.C. from Philadelphia. Jefferson defeated Adams in the electoral race. Congress established the Library of Congress.The Adams' were the first residents to live in the White House. Adams was one of three Presidents not to attend the inauguration of his successor. Not only was Adams disappointed in losing to Jefferson he was also grieving the death of his son Charles. Adams was the great-great grandson of John and Priscilla Alden, Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. The only Presidents to sign the Declaration of Independence, Adams and Jefferson both died on its 50th anniversary, July 4, 1826. Adams' dying words were "Thomas Jefferson survives". Jefferson however passed on a few hours earlier. Adams lived longer than any other President did at his death. When he died he was 90 years, 247 days old.C)Thomas Jefferson (1801-09) ("Man of the People")In 1792 Jefferson ran for President but lost to Washington. Jefferson lost again to Adams in 1796. In 1800 Jefferson was finally elected President. He ran again the next term and was successful once again.President Jefferson was part of the Democratic- Republican Party. Jefferson was also part of the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1769 to 1774. He was a member of the Continental Congress from 1775 to 1776. He was Governor of Virginia from 1779 to 1781. He was again a member of the Continental Congress from 1783 to 1785. He was Minister of France from 1785 to 1789. He was Secretary of State under Washington from 1790 to 1793. Finally, he was Vice President under Adams from 1797 to 1801.Jefferson's Vice Presidents were Aaron Burr, 1801 to 1805 and George Clinton from 1805 to 1809. His cabinet members were as follows:Secretary of StatesJames Madison (1801-1809)Secretary of TreasurySamuel Dexter (1801), Albert Gallatin...

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