Thesis On How The Texas Republic Was Stable American History Thesis Paper

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The Stability of the Republic of Texas
American History
April 11, 2018
After the revolution, the Republic of Texas, also called the Lone Star Republic, was free from the dictatorship of Mexico. With economic and diplomatic ties, proper money management, strong leaders, the ability to defend itself, and a well-organized government the Republic of Texas was set up to succeed.[endnoteRef:1] Although the Lone Star Republic was self-sustaining and able to prosper, Texas did not stay as an independent nation due to Sam Houston’s partiality towards annexation. [1: The University of Texas at Austin, “Five Principles Critical to Successful Nation-Building, Finds History and Global Affairs Scholar”]
The Republic of Texas had a lasting income and wise financial stewardship. Income was an important factor in the potential success of the Nation. Some of the ways that Texas gained income was through trading, establishing the tariff, selling of large tracts of land and cutting of expenses.[endnoteRef:2],[endnoteRef:3] The income generated by these examples led to the stabilization of Texas. [2: Barker, Eugene C. Papers Read at the Association] [3: Texas State Historical Association, “Republic of Texas”]
For a nation to be successful it needs a sustainable income. One way the Republic of Texas generated income was through their exports and tariff. A large quantity of what was exported out of the country, was cotton.[endnoteRef:4] Along many of the nations rivers Texas could produce two-thousand pounds of cotton per acre.[endnoteRef:5] The cotton was then exported, along with other goods, through the bustling port town Galveston.[endnoteRef:6] These goods were shipped to the growing number of countries that recognized the Republic of Texas as an independent nation. Galveston produced income through the ad valorem tariff, meaning the tariff was based upon the cost of the goods, and was able to produce money for Texas.[endnoteRef:7] [4: Stein, The Story of the Lone Star Republic,20] [5: Stein, The Story of the Lone Star Republic,20] [6: Stein, The Story of the Lone Star Republic,21] [7: Barker, Eugene C. Papers Read at the Association]
In addition, the Republic of Texas had large land tracts that could be used to generate income. Because the country had such a massive quantity of unsettled land, this was an efficient use of resources. Texas had limited land and therefore, had the ability to also sell captured Mexican land to generate income.[endnoteRef:8] Built into the Texas Constitution was a safeguard for those who own land, furthering the incentive of gaining Texas land.[endnoteRef:9] The seemingly constant flow of immigrants purchasing land produced growing numbers and a steady income as well.[endnoteRef:10] As one man from Louisiana stated, “The roads hereabouts are crowed with emigrants to Texas.”[endnoteRef:11] With growing numbers and large tracts of land the Texas government was able to create a constant income. [8: Texas State Historical...

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