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Independent project
Spin and Roll: Casino Game
Cameron Eaton
Citi Academy
Data Management 12U
Jan 26. 2018
For my Independent project I chose to create an original casino/gambling game that involves a probability spinner and a pair of dice, the name of the game is spin and roll. Like most any casino game out there, this game requires a buy in; a minimum buy in of 5 dollars is needed to play the game. The concept of the game is actually very simple and easy to learn, the spinner contains 8 sections, 4 “roll the dice”, 3 “lose”, and 1 “spin again”. Obviously, the player’s goal in the game is to win money, and to do that the player must first land on the “roll the dice” portion of the spinner. Landing in this slot means that the player gets a chance to roll a pair of dice with the objective of rolling doubles. If the participant successfully rolls doubles they then earn the amount of money that they entered with, times whatever the number on the doubles is, and if the doubles is with two 1’s or “snake eyes” then the person wins 6 times the buy in. For example if the player inputted 50 dollars into the game and then successfully spun the roll dice option and rolled two 3’s then he would be walking out with $150.
I believe people would be intrigued to play this game because the winning probability is actually much lower than it may seem. The spinner draws in people since it is very easy to win. There are 4 segments where you can advance and only 3 where you can lose I presume that people would be inclined to play the game. Although the real challenge of the game is rolling doubles since there is a 1/6 chance or 16.7% probability that doubles will be rolled. When you put it all together there is a 75% chance of spinning a “roll the dice” and a 16.7% probability that one rolls doubles it all adds to up to a 12.5% chance of winning the game. Therefore, the game is actually not that difficult to win considering games such as craps, and baccarat have much lower odds of success. I also believe that because the game winnings are directly related to the buy in amount, that people will be more intrigued to bet large sums of money such as 100 dollars or more seeing as the player could make $500.
One thing I could do to make this game more presentable to the participants is I could put more options on the spinner wheel. Presenting something on the wheel such as a “jackpot” or a large sum of money like $1000, which would be extremely enticing since it is such easy money. Of course, I would not make the “jackpot” alternative as large as the other parts, I’d make it around one...

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