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BTEC Assignment Brief
Edexcel BTEC Level 3 90-credit Diploma
Unit number and title
Unit 3: Information Systems
Learning aim(s) (For NQF only)
Assignment title
A02: Using Information
Mike Hollis
Hand out date
Hand in deadline
Vocational Scenario or Context
You are working in the publicity department office of a large bank as a junior publicity and media officer. After a recent financial rescue from the government, the bank is starting a publicity campaign to explain to the public the good work it does.
You have been allocated some tasks to help prepare for a set of road show materials that are to be set up in shopping malls throughout the country.
Task 1
Legal, Ethical and Operational Issues
For this assignment you are required to produce three documents that contain the information that needs to be included on the different web pages. You are not required to create the web pages themselves, although they should be written in an appropriate style.
The pages are:
1. Legal Issues
The legal issues web page is the first one the back needs to ensure its staff are aware of the following and that the bank takes its obligations to these seriously:
• Data Protection Act 1998
• Freedom of Information Act 2000
• Computer Misuse Act 1990
2. Ethical Issues
The ethical issues web page needs to summarise the bank’s codes of practice regarding staff use of email, social media, the Internet and whistle blowing.
3. Operational Issues
The operational issues web page needs to explain how the bank keeps information secure. This should include backups, organisational policies, the bank’s business continuance plans and the impact of increasing sophistication of systems on large organisations such as banks.
Checklist of evidence required
3 Word documents showing the required information for 3 separate web pages.
Criteria covered by this task:
Unit/Criteria reference
To achieve the criteria you must show that you are able to:
Explain the issues related to the use of information
Assess how issues related to the use of information affect an organisation
Task 2
Managing Information
You are now required to carry out some research to identify suitable target locations for the next road show tour that...

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