This Assignment Talks About The Readings Impressed Into The Weeks Lecture. University Of California, Santa Barbara/ Race Assignment

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In correspondence, the liberty of many ethnicities varies on the society situation. What I mean by this phrase is that is that different cities respond stereotypical towards minorities differently. Some situations Hispanics are seen as the danger, Muslims are the terrorists, Asians are plotting the advancement of technology, and African Americans are the harassers, rapists, etc. African American are typically characterized as the most dangerous race because of the recent resurface of segregation among minorities under President Trump. As he became president, new sets of laws were being passed and many were being revised. As from today, the film in class and the reading of Michelle Alexander, the War on Drugs continues to resurface along with the interpretation of the Fourth Amendment. It is the leading cause of why so many undocumented individuals are currently being incarcerated in reference to being taken out of the United States, on the basis for many of suspicion with their race being collateral damage added. As I switched majors while a third year, I reflected what it is I now want to do with a degree in sociology as a first-generation Latina graduate into the world of constant discrimination. I disliked the presence of police because of the way they treated activists as I went along with my grandmother on protests or for my most personal reason, how they treated my father. The viewing of police brutality among the screens and the leading reason they do they arrests are on basis on suspicion of carrying a weapon and/or some kind of drug (marijuana as #1 before being legalized). It is the infuriating reason why many are now uniting to defend one another. It is a reason to fight along this battle getting an education and knowledge for what we want to fight.
Q: Relating to increase of incarcerations as a whole second-class caste of criminals as understood of Michelle Alexander’s, does it relate to the same scenario as Alcatraz, Rikers Island, or even to San Quentin State Prison and reasons to being incarcerated?
Until this century in time, there is the constant prejudice towards the minorities who are predisposed to failing in their lives because of the government “setting” them up with incarceration. There exists differentiating political opinions on such topics as the government being involved in their failures and glories to others. The interpretation that as a minority in society is true to a sense of who is wrongfully being convicted of a crime and the other partied involved. We do see around the world the variety of communities economically suffering for many reasons, but the top reason is the inability to attain certain liberty back after serving time. As stated in the reading, those individuals who go to jail are those who have a hard time settling back into...

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