This Assignments Is About Whether Poetry Is Better Than Prose And Why Or Why Not. - English ( - Research Paper

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Malik Burkhardt
July 8, 2019
Which is better, poetry or prose? Here's examples on why prose is better. Prose
is written in paragraphs form but still has a flow to it that is very noticeable. Prose can
be written how ever you want without any kind of specific structure. Prose is easier
because you can write for as long as you want and you don't have to worry about the
things you have to do in poetry. When writing prose, you can write regular sentences
and it gives the same meaning as if you were to write it in poetry form. Prose can have
long sentences and short sentences in it because you don't need a specific flow to write
prose. Prose can be written like a human conversation, a book, an essay, and a
newspaper article.
Poetry is written in a different style than other writing. Poetry is written in verses
to keep the same tempo throughout the whole thing. It is written in a certain rhythm so
the feeling that they are expressing is easy to feel while reading it. Poetry uses different
types of sensory words for its meaning, sound, and rhythm to get the reader's
imagination. Poetry is basically a way for people to put their feelings into words and it is
easier to express themselves while doing it. Poetry improves your verbal skills, memory,
and critical thinking. A poem goes however you want it to flow. A poem can get more
people's attention because it has a flow to it and people may like the tempo so it attracts
them to want to listen or read it. It can also grab people's attention of it rhymes.
Poetry and prose are both used to express a point or used to express someone's
feelings. You need a character to write around when you are using both poetry and
prose. When writing poetry and prose, you write freely in either one, just with different
styles. They are similar because you need a beginning, middle, and an end to the story
you are telling. In both of these types of writing, you have to have a reason or topic you
are writing about or the piece won't be as good as it can be. The main reason of writing
both is to get others to know how you are feeling and/or a story you want to tell but don't
exactly know how to tell someone.

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