This Essay Is A Case On The Caterpillar Company

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Analysis of sales, profits, and market shareCaterpillar sold over 50 percent of its product in overseas countries. Caterpillar realized that there is an opportunity and the company continued focus outside of the U.S., particularly the developing countries. Because of economic conditions in the developing countries customers are not able to pay hard currency for the product. Caterpillar projected that sales will increase in these areas in the future and came up with any possible way of gaining customers in the developing areas.In 1988 Caterpillar Inc. made record sales of over $10 billion dollars and realizes a profit of $616 million. But although the company sales continue to incre ...view middle of the document...

Also, Caterpillar portfolio includes a non-tangible product by providing financial assistance to its customers. Customers are willing to pay a premium price for Caterpillar's product because they build the biggest and best equipment in the world.They machinery was technology superior and can be easily identifies through its goal- and-black distinctive color feature which stood out from its competitors green and black.Large heavy weight equipment has a very long lifecycle, which cause this particular product market to become saturated and curtail future growth. Therefore, Caterpillar introduced new products to its line tailored to fit lightweight users such as contractors who do not need the massive equipment. The company aimed to fill this segment by producing multipurpose product to the owner/operator or small contractors. As the company strives to serve all the niches in the different segments its product mix become broader and deeper. The product mix is obviously broad because Caterpillar has different product line to serve the different industry. There are also an adequate average number of products in each line for it to be considered as deep product mix.Place/distributionCaterpillar distribution system includes a global dealer network. The Caterpillar dealer network handled all sales and services worldwide except some direct sales. The 215 independent dealers network handle operating, sales, parts, and services in more that 170 countries around the world. This strong dealer network gave Caterpillar a competitive advantage and was the driving force for the company when it responded against Komatsu's entrance into the US market. Industrial equipment tend to breakdown often which cause the customers to spent up to three time the cost on the actual equipment on spare parts alone, over the long life of the product. Therefore, Caterpillars began to focused on provide quality service to its customers by providing after-sale service and customer responsiveness to equipment failure. This customer focus strategy was very profitable for Caterpillar because the customers feel a sense of purpose and become loyal to the company.Caterpillar introduces a communication and inventory control system to support its dealers. These allow the company to make more accur...


This Is A Simple Essay On The History Of Greek Theater

402 words - 2 pages religious rites that date back to at least 1200 BC. Dramatic and theatrical productions in ancient Greece may have come from the revelry of an ancient Greek festival in honor of the God, Dionysus which was known as the Cult of Dionysus. Dionysus was the God of fertility whose powers applied especially to wine, the wealth of Greece. A part of worshiping Dionysus was the dithyramb, or the ode to Dionysus. This was usually preformed by 50 men known as

The Roasted Company - Case study

1438 words - 6 pages clearly seem from the information provided from the case study, there is a decrease in allegiance among the parties of the supply chain partners. This may affect the company's market share as a decrease in suppliers means a decrease in coffee sales of the Roasted Coffee Company. Gross margins and Operating margins Both the gross and operating margins may be improved with time, and this may put more pressure on the company's financial statements

This is a report on the book "Gorgias" by Plato

520 words - 3 pages dictators speak without having real knowledge and he would trade places with any dictator. Socrates says that that would not be good because most dictators do wrong to others without having wrong done onto them. Socrates says that all wrongdoing is done out of ignorance. That is to say a man robs people because he does not understand the impact his actions have on the economy. Not to mention the general well being of his victims. Socrates believes

This is an essay that is a review on the new video game, Call of Duty Black Ops Four. - English 1101 - Essay

896 words - 4 pages it into their new game. They are calling this game mode, “Blackout.” Blackout is considered to be a battle royale game mode where there are 88 players on a map, and they are to fight until there is only one player left. There are a significant number of pros to this game, but there are also a few downsides. The guns, vehicles and medical equipment run smoothly, but the point of view from which the game is played leaves a little to be desired. The

Essay On Ikea.Com (Overview On The Company)

7745 words - 31 pages " as well as United Kingdom and USA. In that case, customers can get immediate and direct replies with regard to their questions.Moreover, the service of stock availability should also be part of services. Customers can check the stock information about their favourite products in convenience. On the Hong Kong web site the customer can't order products at a virtual shop online, this is a service that is provided in some countries, for instance

This Is An Essay On The Woman In The Odyssey And Their Influences On His Travels

993 words - 4 pages The Odyssey is an epic about a Greek warrior in the Trojan War whose wanderings around his known world and his perilous encounters are the basis of the story. Odysseus' absence from his home is prolonged by the influences of the women whom he encounters.In this epic, several female characters had a profound effect on the plot. They wielded their influence through typically feminine skills and attributes: seduction, supernatural powers

This Assignment is a case study for a professional financial management class - Missouri State/ FIN 581 - Assignment Case

768 words - 4 pages FIN 581 Williams Case April 3, 2019 Strengths: - Williams’ came to you for advice on how to achieve their financial goals - Michael has a stable job, and a long future earning period - Michelle is self-employed and generating business - Michael’s parents are doing well and help them financially - They Williams’ have adequate homeowners and automobile insurance coverages - Joan would like to assist in the educational and maintenance needs of

This Essay Is A Brief History Of Rattle And Snap Plantation In Mt. Pleasant, TN. Describes Owners (Past And Present) And Other Information On The House

1726 words - 7 pages damage that was done to the home during those years.In 1952, Oliver and Jane Hoover Babcock purchased the home. Mrs. Babcock was heiress to the Hoover Vacuum fortune and Oliver was the President of a phosphate company in Mt. Pleasant. Mrs. Babcock told everyone the most beautiful sight she ever saw was the sun setting on the 10 Corinthian columns on the front of the home, but the saddest sight she ever saw, was when she opened the door for the first

The Title Of This Essay Is American Gothic. It Is About The Famous Painting. It Includes A Little About The Painter, Grant Wood, And Then Goes On To Descibe The Painting And It's Meaning

624 words - 3 pages taught in Iowa most of his life. He believed that artists should stay in their home communities and paint from personal experience based on their local and national heritage.Wood created many paintings portraying images of the Midwest, but his most popular and known painting is American Gothic. Along with a popular painting of Wood's, American Gothic is one of the most famous paintings in American art. The painting was completed in 1930. It

This Is An Essay Analyzing The Articles Of Confederation As A First Draft For The Constitution

526 words - 3 pages The Articles of Confederation are considered by some a good first draft for the Constitution. On the other hand, other historians consider them to be full of weaknesses and shortcomings. However, there is evidence to support both points of view on the Articles.There are many points in the Articles that are also used in the Constitution. The legislative branch remained intact and retained the powers to declare war, maintain an army and a navy and

This is a looking closely at the 5 characteristics of family - Southeastern University Family Ministry - Essay

673 words - 3 pages was a theme that one could feel convicted about while reading. Churches have a traditional view of family that they put on a pedestal and as a result, many other family types are looked down upon and often neglected. The reading implies that the way the church defines family results in some families not being taken care of and therefore being treated as second best. The only way to change this behavior is to support and nurture those who do not

A biography on Sylvia Earl. This is a 5 page paper that is size 12 font and Times New Roman - Oceanography - Essay

1802 words - 8 pages Sylvia Alice Earle was born on August 30, 1935, Gibbstown, New Jersey, United States of America. Sylvia is an American oceanographer and explorer known for her research on marine algae and her books and documentaries designed to raise awareness of the threats that overfishing and pollution pose to the world’s oceans. A pioneer in the use of modern self-contained underwater breathing apparatus gear and the development of deep-sea submersibles

"Abnormal Psychology" This Is An Essay On The Film 'A Beautiful Mind' Discussing Whether The Ideas And Depictions Of Schizophrenia Were Accurate And Relevant To The Context In Which The Film ...

881 words - 4 pages ). When Nash is trying to recover he seeks to get involved in a community, in this case going back to Princeton. The idea of being in a place familiar to people to help prevent social withdrawal is one that has been used in real society.While aspects of the from the original story may have been edited in order to make for a more entertaining movie, the film, A Beautiful Mind, still gives many accurate portrayals of schizophrenia, especially in the

This essay is an example of abstract writing on Time being the mother, the friend, and the snake

580 words - 3 pages , with a smile upon her sweet face, and whisks us away without a care in the world to that carnival at the pier we all better know as our teenage years. Time is the friend who heals. She is the friend who never leaves your side, regardless of what hurt you've been through. She is the friend who never asks "why", but instead opens her arms and whispers, "everything's going to be alright." Time heals all, no matter

This is an Essay on the play Boy Overboard that takes about different aspects for refugees - Rose Bay/10 - Essay

1544 words - 7 pages by looking at the view of the topic from different  aged women and girls and their beliefs and we have seen the different views on hope and  positivity through each person mentioned in this essay. I have learnt a lot not only from  reading the play but writing this essay. Now, when I think something is challenging I can just  think of Jamal, a normal boy just born into an unlucky situation. In the end of the play he  states, ‘The secret to soccer is to never give up, even when things are looking hopeless.’