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Eduardo Gonzalez
Mr. Briles
Macbeth changes by the greed and influenced by his wife.  
His wife triggered the protagonist's ambition. She pressured him into killing the 
King, for her greed, causing his need to become King blossomed. He began killing 
everyone and anyone to keep his place on the throne. From his first victim to his last, he 
was thrown into a psychotic state of mind and lost touch with his mortality. The author 
William Shakespeare is well known for his portrayal of his characters in his plays and is 
one of the most well known literary figures. It is accurately depicted in one of his many 
biographies. It states “ William Shakespeare has long been recognized as the world's 
finest dramatist and a poet of high rank, and most modern critics consider him the 
world's greatest literary figure” (Facts On File 1).  
His work has been translated into multiple languages and shown in theatres 
around the world. In Shakespeare's’ play Macbeth he shows what unchecked ambition 
can do to a strong, virtuous hero. Throughout the play Macbeth, the titular protagonist 
characteristics change; his goal leads him to lose his morals and sanity, becoming a 
murderer undeserving of the throne.  
The main protagonist first loses his morality when he decides to kill his house guest, 
King Duncan. Macbeth went against his own righteous belief, a subject and kinsman 
should not wish for the death of his King, or want to kill his King. He should protect his 
King as a friend, and as a General from any harm or assassination attempts. Lady 
Macbeth pressures him to go against his moral belief, and he knew that a host should 
shut the door against anyone that wished to harm his guest and give his guest nothing 
but safety in his home. The main protagonist then continues to provide himself with 
reasons not to kill King Duncan; he states that Duncan has been nothing but a kind and 
virtuous leader to all of Scotland. As the play continues Macbeth ambition continues to 
grow, a great example is when he is disputing with himself,“To prick the sides of my 
intent, but only Vaulting ambition, which overlaps itself And falls on the’ other. “ 
(Shakespeare 1.7.26-27). Thus the main protagonist ambition causes him to stray from 
his ethical beliefs and kill a man who was nothing but good willed. This is a quality of an 
undeserving King.  
  The protagonist has lost his sanity, and his mental health makes him an 
undeserving King. He first begins to show that his mental health is deteriorating in 2.1. 
He sees this dagger before he kills his house guest King Duncan. He states that the 
dagger is nothing but a figment of his fevered brains imagination. “Is this a dagger 
which I see before me, ... I have thee not, and yet I see thee still. Art thou not, fatal 
vision, sensible To feeling as to sight? Or art thou but A dagger of the mind, a false 
creation Proceeding from the heat-oppressèd brain?” (Shakespeare 2.1.33-34). The 

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