This Essay Talks About Swa's Marketing Ideas. Thw Way They Use The Word Luv In Advertisements

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Southwest Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the United States. It is operating more than 2,100 flights per day and carrying over 44 million passengers a year to 50 different cities all over the United States (Cohan, 2003). Southwest is very well known for its best on-time record, best baggage handling, and gets the least customer complaints in the airline industry.When Southwest Airline uses the word "love" or "luv" as a marketing approach they are not talking about what most customers think. They are describing where SWA is based. SWA is based in Dallas at Love Field. SWA says that they are spreading love to other cities whenever a plane leaves Dallas. Most customers would think t ...view middle of the document...

Their policy for not assigning seats saves time for the flight attendants. When the customers can pick their own seats, the flight attendant doesn't have to take the time to show each customer where their seat is. This philosophy allowed the executives at Southwest to adopt a tolerant attitude and give liberty to its employees to fulfill their job responsibilities so that they can work with maximum productivity and satisfaction. The result was that the airline experienced a considerable growth in its traffic during the last few years, which was primarily because of excellent service and meeting the commitments. Another considerable factor, which contributed to airline's success, is the compensation policy of the airline. In Southwest, company shares its gains with its employees by rewarding them through different profit sharing programs and giving benefits to its employees. In fact, majority of the employees have experienced considerable gains in terms of stock ownership.The management of Southwest believes that individuals tend to take better care of things they own and therefore they have promoted the concept among the employees that they "own" the airline. This concept is not just one of many so-called employee motivational strategies but in fact employees of southwest do own their airline.The management has developed a profit sharing program for its employees and has provided stock options to them as well, which allows the employees to benefit from company's financial success, which is in fact because of their efforts. This ownership culture has motivated the employees to take better care of the customers and provide best level of services (Gittell, 2002). It is also interesting to note that the ownership is not just limited to financial benefits of the firms but also encourage the employees to take initiative and assume responsibility.The organization expects its employees to participate in organization's success through their entrepreneurial skills and take effective measures to bring improvements in organization's operations. They encourage their employees to utilize their entrepreneurial skills and participate in the organizational decision making to bring continuous improvements. This encouragement from the management allows the employees to take effective measures for the improvements in service and assume responsibility. Moreover, financial participation also encourages them to seriously consider the strategies for organization's improvement.The profit sharing option of Southwest Airline is considered as the primary reason for its success and its reputation for providing best level of services. Management experts believe that...


This Essay Is About The Way In Which Technology Has Shaped Our Society

658 words - 3 pages Free consumers confidence in the United States and Europe the short-term prospect does not look very colorful. This, evidently, changes the way society works. Especially when one considers that we currently live in a consumer society, and when consumers lack faith, so does society. But how did we come to live in a consumers society? Let's look back a while.After World War II, there began to evolve a large need for machines that make life easier. Cars

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855 words - 4 pages covered in Chapter 4, psychologists have determined that age can affect cognitive development and memory. For your friend who is 17, how could you use what you have learned about moral development to explain why she may be checking her phone every 2 minutes for text messages and social media updates.   How could she expand her attention? I think she is checking her phone to stay connected with her friends and she what they been up too. She can expand

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1105 words - 5 pages severe cramps...two days later I 'passed' my baby. He had tiny hands and feet, and I could make out his little nose. I was horrified! Sorrow overwhelmed me... years of turmoil followed. The relationship with my baby's father did my belief in love. I drank too much, did drugs, and entertained any man who would look at me. I was starved for acceptance." (Mulier, Pain, 20) There are thousands of horrifying stories like this about the

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2085 words - 9 pages English 1301 Essay #1 Storm THE AMERICAN WAY 1.Rough draft THE AMERICAN WAY George Storm EDUC 1301 PROFESSOR HINCHEN-BRYAN 5:30-7.00pm I have always heard and told good things about the American culture, but I was tired of hearing the stories and I wanted to experience it myself. I always thought that the American life was easy and friendly. Events started to unfold as soon I landed foot in the USA. Culture shock at its best became overwhelming

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735 words - 3 pages Free feelings and her continuing journey, and these narrators convey their observations through strongly connotative words which convey her longing of a place to call home, her sadness at the beginning of her journey and finally the speaker shows her true attitude through metaphor. The poem begins with the narrator introducing the speaker concerned who is about to become a migrant but unbeknown to her, however currently in a place where she feels

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959 words - 4 pages Free reference to being taken out of the United States, on the basis for many of suspicion with their race being collateral damage added. As I switched majors while a third year, I reflected what it is I now want to do with a degree in sociology as a first-generation Latina graduate into the world of constant discrimination. I disliked the presence of police because of the way they treated activists as I went along with my grandmother on protests or for

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1999 words - 8 pages Free classic white suburbia family who claims to “love black people” and everything about them and what they do, but in reality (just like many people in the world today) don’t do anything about the racism issue and actually don’t even really see the black people in the movie as even part of the human race(to understand this fully I suggest watching the film). The meaning and content that can be taken away from that movie really can and most likely

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628 words - 3 pages era. When Garrett was discussing his paper on “The Newly Dead”, he discussed the way that physicians, hospitals and patients thought of the word dying. This reminded me of a class discussion when we were asked about what indicates death. A student stated that there is a distinction between being dead and brain dead, which differs between humans and animals. For example, if an animal suffers from a mental incapability, it is not looked at as dead

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1773 words - 8 pages complexity than that of China. China has also had great cosmopolitan cities, architectural wonders and beautiful art, poetry and writing. Yet there is one major question that remains to be answered. If China was such a wonderfully innovative, developed and advanced civilization how did they not emerge as a great industrial power in the recent centuries? This topic is a complex and complicated one that deserves it's own essay but a simple answer would

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431 words - 2 pages hunting them, to give them time to breed again. We are also causing pollution in the atmosphere because of the smoke that comes from the factories, and perhaps that smoke is killing birds too. I think since we are the reasons for these problems, we can also find the solution. We need to use what god gave us wisely. “Hiding from Animals” by Helen Macdonald. In the article Helen talks about her experience on an island, and how he used to live in a wood

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431 words - 2 pages In what ways does Gary Ross, in his film Pleasantville, use intertextuality to express ideas of control? Pleasantville is an enchanting approach to the time period of the 1950s. The film, written and directed by Gary Ross, broadcasts society’s complicated views. The 50s is believed to be a period where people assumed their place in society, however Ross ironically shows that this was a time where many were ignorant, sexist and discriminatory

This essay discusses the basic mechanics and characteristics of the ways in which we humans use wind as a tool

274 words - 2 pages have the right location. I hope to cover, in this report, the different types of windmills, their history, locations, how they are built, what wind turbines are, and the many uses of wind power. Wind power has received a lot of underlying popular support but at the same time a great deal of apathy. Wind Power is not only a term used for the power created by windmills. Wind powers is what moves a sail boat, or a wind surfer. There are many

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1107 words - 5 pages , or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex, and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O you Believers, turn you all together towards Allah, that you may attain Bliss.” (Quran 24:31). These are straight words from the Qur’an narrated by Adam, and what's beautiful about this quote is it talks about how the hijab/niqab protects women

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2000 words - 8 pages Compare the ways in which The Handmaid’s Tale and The Hunger Games use connections between character and setting to convey ideas. Films and novels have always been a medium to express the human condition and convey its connoting ideas. The Handmaids Tale and The Hunger Games are similar in the context that they explore a dystopian society where the government has absolute power and control in what they do on a day to day basis. Ross and Atwood

Evaluate The Effectiveness Of The Use Of Techniques In Marketing Products - Tesla

2180 words - 9 pages Free the way they provide service to the customers. This is a benefit for the shareholders of Tesla because the more people they have, the more ideas contributed they’ll likely to have. Tesla have a large size of business which allows them to be different. This is because the company has many employees working for them, making Tesla grow and make profit. Tesla have 92 stores in the US and 96 in Europe. Overall, they have 212 worldwide stores. This