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Theology II – Midterm Exam Study Guide
This list is meant to focus your studying. It may seem overwhelming, but just take your time to re-learn these concepts. I am definitely not seeking to make things difficult, but to test your basic knowledge and understanding of the course material.
You will be tested on material from the lectures, although some questions will draw from your readings (these are indicated below in bold).
The test will be multiple choice and short answer, the latter of which will include your memorization of the last section of the Nicene Creed.
Doctrine of Salvation
· What word sums up the biblical view of salvation?
· Know the differences between the Reformed and Arminian positions on election.
· Know some arguments for and against unconditional election (Reformed view).
· Justification Canvas reading: Know Luther’s former and latter views on “the righteousness of God” and the passage of Scripture that was central to his wrestling.
· Know the nature, basis, and means of justification (as presented in class).
· Know the basic differences between a Catholic and traditional Protestant (professor’s) view of justification.
· Know the three aspects/stages of sanctification, as discussed in class.
· Know (generally) the Wesleyan/Holiness and Keswick...

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