This Is A Review Of The Movie Dance Time. It Covers Dances And Dance Styles From The 1910's To The 1990's

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Dance TimeDance Time, volume two, was performed by Dance Through Time. The artistic director was Carole Teten.In the 1910s, animal dances "were the rage". Dances such as the camel walk and the bunny hop were named after animals and had moves resembling animal movement. The Castle Walk was a dance of grace and dignity, which was made by The Castles. The Castle Walk was "the finest ballroom exhibition of the era". Apache was "a social dance of entertainment" which was danced by a man and a woman. The Tango was "an Argentinean import" dance that consisted of glides and freezes. "Tango teas ...view middle of the document...

The Big Apple is a dance consisting of many individual steps, with the "circle formation [being] the frame for this dance". The Jitterbug was an "aerobic" dance that used "partner lifts [to] expand" the style (video).The Rumba was a dance of the 1940s, which was "a Latin American import" with smooth movements. The Swing was a "dance craze of Harlem [that] became popular for all". The Swing was during "the big band era" (video). Rock and roll was popular in the 1950s and came "from rhythm and blues". The Mambo was "of Cuban origin", "with syncopated rhythms" (video). In the 1960s, the Twist was popular. "From pony to mashed potato, individualism hit the dance floor." The Mod was "from Britain". The hippie's dances were "uninhibited free expression", most likely because they used drugs (video).Disco was popular during the 1970s. "Showy routines returned to the dance floor" along with pelvic movements. In the 1980s, Breakdancing, also know as "street dancing", punk, also known as "slam dancing" and the moon walk were all well known dances. In the 1990s, Vogueing was in style. It was "a dance competition with model poses". Country west dancing was similar to the "west coast swing" and "line dancing". Hip Hop consisted of "MTV styles" (video).Dances have changed very much over the past 100 years. Many fads and styles dominated an era, creating memorable dances.

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