This Is A Test With Space After This Is A Test With Space After This Is A Test With Space After

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A localized group of organisms that belong to the same species is called a 
A) biosystem 
B) community 
C) population 
D) ecosystem 
E) family
(Answer: C)
Organisms interact with their environments, exchanging matter and energy. For example, plant chloroplasts convert the energy of sunlight into 
A) the energy of motion 
B) carbon dioxide and water 
C) the potential energy of chemical bonds 
D) oxygen 
E) kinetic energy
(Answer: C)
The main source of energy for producers in an ecosystem is 
A) light energy 
B) kinetic energy 
C) thermal energy 
D) chemical energy 
(Answer: A)
Which of the following types of cells utilize deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) as their genetic material but do not have their DNA encased within a nuclear envelope? 
A) animal 
B) plant 
C) archaea 
D) fungi 
E) protists
(Answer: C)
To understand the chemical basis of inheritance, we must understand the molecular structure of DNA. This is an example of the application of which concept to the study of biology? 
A) evolution 
B) emergent properties 
C) reductionism 
D) the cell theory 
E) feedback regulation
(Answer: C)
Once labor begins in childbirth, contractions increase in intensity and frequency until delivery. The increasing labor contractions of childbirth are an example of which type of regulation? 
A) a bioinformatic system 
B) positive feedback 
C) negative feedback 
D) feedback inhibition 
E) enzymatic catalysis
(Answer: B)
When the body's blood glucose level rises, the pancreas secretes insulin and, as a result, the blood glucose level declines. When the blood glucose level is low, the pancreas secretes glucagon and, as a result, the blood glucose level rises. Such regulation of the blood glucose level is the result of 
A) catalytic feedback 
B) positive feedback 
C) negative feedback 
D) bioinformatic regulation 
E) protein-protein interactions
(Answer: C)
Which branch of biology is concerned with the naming and classifying of organisms? 
A) informatics 
B) schematic biology 
C) taxonomy 
D) genomics 
E) evolution
(Answer: C)
Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells generally have which of the following features in common? 
A) a membrane-bounded nucleus 
B) a cell wall made of cellulose 
C) ribosomes 
D) flagella or cilia that contain microtubules 
E) linear chromosomes made of DNA and protein
(Answer: C)
Prokaryotes are classified as belonging to two different domains. What are the domains? 
A) Bacteria and Eukarya 
B) Archaea and Monera 
C) Eukarya and Monera 
D) Bacteria and Protista 
E) Bacteria and Archaea
(Answer: E)
Global warming, as demonstrated by observations such as melting of glaciers, increasing CO2 levels, and increasing average ambient temperatures, has already had many effects on living organisms. Which of the following might best offer a solution to this problem? 
A) Continue to measure these and other parameters of the problem. 
B) Increase the abilities of animals to migrate to more suitable habitats. 
C) Do nothing; nature will attain its own...

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