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Apple Computer, Inc.
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About forty years ago, in Cupertino, California, Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company first started out by making computers by hand and now, the company was known as Apple Computer, Inc. After the computers were known for being the world’s best, Apple soon decided to start making other hardware electronics and created their own software for their electronics. This caused the company to be renamed as Apple, Inc. in 2007. Apple, Inc. is now known as the world’s second best phone manufacturer and the world’s largest technology company. The company became the United States first company to be valued at more than seven hundred billion dollars. Apple, Inc. also operates iTunes and the Apple Store. October 11, 2011, Steve Jobs died, which lead Apple to now be run by Tim Cook.
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Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Computers, Inc was founded by two college dropouts, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They started their company with thirteen hundred dollars and began creating in 1977, in a garage. Wozniak was a self-taught electronic engineer. He first invented a keyboard which connected to a television. This was known as Apple I. A retailer that Jobs and Wozniak met at Homebrew Computer Club was interested in their product and ended up purchasing fifty of the computers. Jobs and Wozniak soon began to work on a new project known as Apple II. Jobs wanted to make a better designed computer to get a better appearance. This project needed more employees to be successful, so Jobs and Wozniak went and hired young computer enthusiasts. These employees helped design computer software and circuit boards for the computers. Apple II had a more closed in look, in a plastic container. Apple II was the very first computer to use color graphics, yet the television set was still used as the screen. This project jump started their journey of becoming the world’s second greatest and most successful businesses.
Apple’s Production
Jobs had a vision of creating a very large company. He wanted to hire someone that already had experience in that type of business. Mike Markkula, a retired electronic engineer., and had managed at Intel Corporations, had worked up a deal with Jobs, claiming that he’d own one-third of the business which was worth two hundred fifty thousand dollars at the time. With Markkula owning parts of the business, he decided to hire Mike Scott as president of the company. Apple had not been very known around the United States around this time, Jobs hired Regis McKenna for the word to be spread. Regis McKenna was the owner of the most successful advertising and public relations firms. McKenna designed the Apple logo and began to advertise their products in magazines. By 1977, sales reached about one million. Consumers loved the idea of having Apple II because it was more versatile than other makes...


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