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Chapter 11 Vocabulary
Saving: the absence of spending
Savings: Dollars that become available for investment when people abstain from consumption
Financial System: A network of savers, investors, and financial institutions that work to transfer savings to investors
Certificate of Deposit (CD): receipt showing an interest bearing loan by an investor to a bank, government, or corporation
Financial assets: property that has value (a CD is a financial asset because it has claim on the property of the borrower)
Financial intermediaries: Financial institutions that lend the funds (money) that savers provide to borrowers (i.e. Depository institutions (banks), life insurance companies, pension funds etc.)
Nonbank financial institution: non-depository institutions that channel savings to borrowers (i.e. insurance companies, pension funds, real estate investment trusts, and finance companies).
Finance Companies: Firms that specialize in loaning directly to consumers and buying installment contracts from merchants who sell goods on credit.
Bill Consolidation loan: A loan consumers use to pay of other bills by lumping all their loans into one loan
Premium: The price paid for an insurance policy usually on a monthly basis for the length of the protection.
Mutual Fund: A company that sells stock in itself to individual investors and then invests the money it receives in stock and bonds issued by other companies. The owners of mutual funds receive dividends earned from the mutual fund’s investments.
Net Asset Value (NAV): The net value of the mutual fund divided by the number of shares issued by the mutual fund company is the market value of a mutual fund share.
Pension: A regular payment (usually monthly) paid to a person who has worked a certain number of years, reached a certain age, or suffered a certain type of injury.
Pension fund: Set up to collect income and disburse payments to those persons eligible for retirement, old age, or disability benefits. Workers have a certain percentage of their wages/salaries withheld from their paychecks over time and this money is usually invested in stocks and bonds to help it grow over time.
Real Estate Investment trusts (REIT): A company organized to primarily to make loans to construction companies that build homes.
Risk: A situation in which the outcome is uncertain
401K plan: A tax deferred investment and savings plan that acts as a personal pension fund for employees. Money withheld from one’s paycheck reduces the taxable income and is invested in mutual funds. Income taxes are paid on the money as it is withdrawn. Employers will often time match a percentage of what the employee pays to the fund.
Coupon: The stated interest on the debt of a bond
Maturity: the life of the bond (the length of time before the bond can be cashed in for its full value)
Par Value: The principal or total amount that must be paid to the lender at maturity
Current yield: The annual interest divided by the purchase price
Municipal Bond:...

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