This Is An Essay From Paradice Lost That Talks About The Pride That Satan Possessed That Ultimately Lead To His Permanant Destination, Hell

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Pride Equals PenaltyPride is a conceited superiority. It is a part of our mind that tells us we are better than, greater than, more important than, more deserving than and more qualified than anyone else. It is an arrogance that deceives us and tries to make us believe that we don't need God or others, we only need ourselves. Pride was the sin of Satan. He took upon the belief that he was better than God, and it was better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Because of Satan's actions and comments in the name of pride, he and all the other angles that followed his beliefs were sentenced to an eternity in Hell.Satan was saturated with pride. This pride was shown thro ...view middle of the document...

Another action that Satan shows his ambitious pride is when he planned to launch a second attack in Heaven. These two instances show that Satan was overtaken by prid Satan's language was affected by his belief of being superior to God. In Paradise Lost, Satan declares that he is better than God. "And what I should be, all but less than He whom thunder hath made greater?" (ll.161-162) This shows that he was determined to be God's equal. Satan said that it was better for he and God to be separated, then he goes on to say that the only reason why God won the war in Heaven is because he had more armed forces. "Farthest from His is best. Whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supreme above His equals."(ll.152-154) These two examples of Satan's demeanor undoubtedly show that he was completely enslaved by his pride.With every sin comes a consequence, the penalty of pride is eternal damnation in Hell. Hell is best described with this quote, "A dungeon horrible, on all sides round as one great furnace flamed, yet from those flames no light, but rather darkness visible served only to discover sights of woe? but torture without end still urges, and a fiery deluge, fed with ever-burning sulphur unconsumed". (ll.61-65,67-69) This quote gives the complete image of Hell. Because of their foundation in pride, Satan and his followers were sentenced to eternal life in Hell.Pride is considered to be the most deadly sin because when a person is overtaken by pride their mentality is completely self-reliant. Satan and his followers were captured by the lethal sin and choose to be a slave to pride for eternity in Hell.


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