This Is An Essay Which Is Based Of The Film Children Of Men And It Discusses The Perspective. Mount Lawley Senior High School Essay

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Discuss how a text you have studied works to present a particular perspective on an issue.
The critically acclaimed film, Children of Men, directed by Alfronson Cuaron establishes a chaotic world in which human extinction is resulting from an infertility crisis. The film upholds political and societal issues which not only resemble the time period during which the film was produced but also correlates to present day. Although the infertility crisis has little relevance to today’s society, through particular issue the director manages to portray the effects of the crisis but it portrays a new perspective on hope and sacrifice. The director provides a realistic viewpoint of what may happen to the world if issues like terrorism or refugee crisis (as discussed in the film) which are prominent in today’s society were to affect society on a larger scale. Thus through an uncommon issue the director attempts to allude to the audience that in order to overcome difficulties hope and sacrifice are necessary. Cuaron tends to extensively apply the use of symbolism, long singe takes, setting and characterisation to provide an alternative viewpoint on hope and sacrifice and its importance in overcoming the an issue and its relevance to today’s society.
The central issue of the film being the infertility crisis, the director’s motif is to present the significance of hope and sacrifice and how such similar issues as outlined in the film may one day affect our society. The director utilises symbolism of places and objects within the film to represent a new perspective on hope. On several aspects of the film, Alfonso Cuaron decided to incorporate objects that represent hope particularly those scenes where Theo was seen to be saving Kee. The last scene of the movie just before death of Theo, captured a long shot where Theo was sitting with Kee and her child, at the front there was a flash of light from a light house along with a ship approaching them called the “Tomorrow”. The ship symbolises hope while Theo’s death is the sacrifice made in order to save Kee’s child in an attempt to save human extinction. Through the symbolism the author implies to the audience a new and different perspective upon hope. The scene is allows the audience to understand that in order for prosperity and change hope must first be present. Without hope, the courage does not grow in oneself to motivate them to make that change. As much as hope is important, sacrifices are equally important in order to overcome great difficulties or issues in life. Therefore, through the use of symbolism the director of the film provides the audience with a new perspective on hope and sacrifice through an issue.
Along with symbolism, setting is an important part of the narrative which makes the audience relate to the effects of the infertility crisis and is able to relate it to the present day. The crisis and its effects provides the audience a realistic viewpoint of how...

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