This Is An Example Of An Analytical Essay That Provides Evidence Of Analysis Merced College Wri 1 C Essay

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Garcia-Esparza 1
Jose Garcia-Esparza
Professor Miller
Writing 001
13 October 2017
Successfully Studying for an Exam
The next midterm exam is announced during class and suddenly the air is filled with tension. People shrug and start panicking trying to figure out how they are going to study. People look overwhelmed and the thought of failing due to not properly studying fills their head when it should not. Many find studying for exams regardless of subject matter a challenging task. However, the studying process can be fairly easy if broken into sections. Anyone has the capability to successfully study and pass their exam as long as they take the proper precautions.
To begin with, one needs to collect all the necessary data in order to know what to study. This process is simple and retracing your steps is all your doing. You start off by taking into account what you might be tested on. Not all times are you told what content will be covered so looking into what the exam is called may help. If the test is called a midterm exam then you must assume it can be anything covered up to this point, but more specific exams such as “Photosynthesis Test” are also a possibility. Upon having an idea of the topic covered, look at all the resources in which it was presented: homework assignments, lecture slides, and personal notes. Organize these resources chronologically while maintaining that information separated from anything non-related. Doing so will maximize your learning because you aren’t wasting time on non-related work that won’t be on the exam. Now that you have the necessary data organized, you may proceed to the studying.
Upon collecting the information presented above, the next step is to go in depth analyzing all the data. This doesn’t mean to read it tons of times but to have a strategy when going over it. For any test regardless...


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