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Service Learning
Service Learning
“I believe the children of our future, teach them well and let them lead the lead the way, show them all the beauty the possess inside.” Do you know that song? Hopefully you do, but if you don’t it’s a song by the great Whitney Houston called “The Greatest Love of All”. This song has a sentimental meaning to it and if you don’t understand, let me help you. In this lovely song, she expresses what the children mean to our future. She also gives positive ideas on how our future should be treated. Therefore, in order for our children to be our future, they must have one themselves, and have the proper guidance to a successful future. The main proper guidance to a successful future is education. Education is the first and main step. Unfortunately, some of our future may be stuck in the past, having trouble in the present, and some of them have became almost our future. In other words, most of our young ones haven’t made it past high school. They have dropped out; that is unacceptable, which is why we are going to try to reduce this dropout rate and give life back to our future. The we I am speaking about is the Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps (JROTC) team. JROTC is a program that informs, trains, and helps us young people be better citizens. One way they teach us, we do a service learning project. Service learning is when you perform a service for someone while learning from the experience. In this project, we had to use military science which is completing an given assignment in a short amount of time. After we understood our given assignment, we were spilt up into different groups and picked a unique topic to help our community. My intelligent LET 1’s came up and agreed with the idea of reducing the dropout rate. With cadet Standback and Bree Dunn as our recorder, they kept up with our meetings and our notes. Cadet Phillips, our facilitator, helped us stayed focus and on task. Cadets Brown and Lee were our timekeepers, they let our reporter know the time we arrived and left, and they also informed me on how much time I had to speak. Cadets Carter and Dunn are our reporter, the voice, they reminded us if we did a certain thing, we had to make sure it all worked out step by step. Also, Cadets Gerrick, and I , Smith were the debriefers, towards the end of each meeting , we put all of our ideas together and discussed it. I again Cadet Smith has had the opportunity to play all of these roles. As I have said before, our project is reducing the dropout rate. With the information we have gathered, we are only trying to help the young ones that are closer to our area. We are aiming for middle and interested high schoolers. How...

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