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HIST 1302
N. A. Biehler
CHAPTER 21 – Progressivism from the Grass Roots to the White House
1. Explain the basic characteristics of Progressivism
2. Discuss the work of the social reformers, including Jane Addams and the issues she uncovered through her settlement houses.
3. What was the “Social Gospel” that contributed to the reform movement?
4. How were women reformers connected to union efforts?
5. Discuss the rise and philosophy of the Women’s Trade Union League and the Industrial Workers of the World.
6. What was the thinking of progressive educators like John Dewey? How did his philosophy of creative intelligence become a factor in education?
7. Explore Pragmatism and the thinking of William James as it applied to the progressive era. What did James hope to achieve? What was the approach to solving our problems?
8. Compare and contrast the educational and civil rights policies of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois. How did they differ?
9. Discuss the creation of the Niagara Movement and the NAACP as an expression of black nationalism.
10. Analyze Robert M. LaFollette’s program for reform in Wisconsin.
11. List and briefly explain the major domestic events and legislation of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, particularly with respect to reform efforts. How did his personality contribute to his difficulties as President?
12. Explain Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” and how it qualifies as one of his reform efforts.
13. Trace the steps leading to American acquisition of the Panama Canal zone.
14. List and explain briefly the major domestic events and legislation of William Howard Taft’s presidency. How did the split between conservatives and progressives within the Republican Party contribute to his difficulties as President?
15. What were the major differences in philosophy in the election of 1912?
16. Develop a character analysis of Woodrow Wilson – how did he govern?
17. List and briefly define the major domestic events and legislation of Woodrow Wilson’s first administration, particularly with respect to the Underwood Act and the creation of the Federal Reserve. Why was the Federal Reserve created?
18. What is the great irony of President Wilson’s reform efforts?
CHAPTER 22 – World War I: The Progressive Crusade at Home & Abroad
1. Discuss the role of America in Latin American affairs by examining the policies of Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson toward that area.
2. Define Wilson’s “moral diplomacy.” What kind of governments were encouraged?
3. Trace the events of American involvement in Mexico. What was the role of Wilson’s “moral diplomacy” in that involvement?
4. Define American neutrality. Was it truly neutral? Why or why not? And why did Wilson seek to remain neutral as World War I began?
5. Trace the steps leading to American involvement in World War I; including German U-boat warfare, the Lusitania, the Sussex and the Zimmerman telegram. How did President Wilson respond to each of these?
6. Discuss the nature of the warfare...

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