Of Mice And Men Quotes That Show Discrimination And Prejudice

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Of Mice and Men Quotes
Discrimination and Prejudice
Crooks – he’s coloured, so automatically he is isolated by the others. He is often
referred in the novella as a “nigger” ”the negro stable buck” ”why it’s just a nigger
sayin’ it” “s’pose you couldn’t go into the bunk… cause you was black” he blocks
himself from the other ranch hands because he is not used to being part of a society.
No one feels pathos for him because no one can sympathise with him.
Curley’s wife- she’s the only woman on the ranch, always excluded from activities
such as horse shoes. She seeks for attention. she always goes onto the ranch to seek
for company. “Can’t talk to nobody but Curley”
Cat house also shows how women had low value back then. They were used as items
to please men and is shown without self-respect.
Lennie- he had learning disability. “”this shows that people did not understand this
kind of illness and is badly treated by others. He is called the “Dum Dum” along with
Candy-he lost a limb on the ranch, due to this, he is given simple jobs. He’s also at an
old age which means he cannot do much work. “They’ll can me purty soon. Jus’ as
soon as I can’t swamp out no bunk houses they’ll put me on the county.”
Crooks-he is not given a real name; clearly the character is named after his disability
which is a crooked back.” Busted-back nigger”
Candy-he is allowed to stay at the ranch despite his old age. He is described as a
“lousy ol’ sheep” by Curley’s wife.
Slim is treated as a god of the ranch, “Godlike eyes,” “Slim’s opinions were law.” This
shows that people were honoured by his presence and his decisions were
conclusive. They showed Slim a tremendous amount of respect.
Slim is a very calm and collective character, who has a peaceful aura about him.
“Slim’s calm invitation to confidence.” “
"He's got a team" showing Slim is a leader. This quote shows us the different levels
of authority amongst the itinerant workers.
Slim's "authority" means that he gets to decide who deserves justice, and who
deserves a little leniency. He's good at reading character, saying "I can tell a mean
guy from a mile off", this too shows his influence on the rest of the ranch members.
“You hadda, George. I swear you hadda…” Slim seems to agree with George’s
decision about killing Lennie. George’s actions are justified by Slims lawful verdict.
1. “ I don’t see no reason for it”
This shows that Carlson has no personal attachments in the matter and does not think
about Candy’s personal emotions for the dog. He would willingly shoot Candy’s dog
showing no compassion and sympathy with him at all.
2. “Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin’ them two guys?”
Carlson is unable to place himself in the position of George when he shoots Lennie. He is
different as George and Lennie both had someone who cared about them, each other. He
shows a lack of empathy towards George.
3. ”Ranch workers are the loneliest guys in the word”.
Carlson comes across...


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